Here is a list of all the Worlds ever existing on Allimore. Note: this list will include any worlds that included RoA, the worlds don't have to be when the server was called Allimore.

World 1 Edit

First city 2

Spawn City 1

World 1 only had RoA on it and featured Spawn City (World 1) as the main city, the worlds main point was its PVP. There were three teams with colors and mascots. The towns were Spawn, Godville and Fortressville. World 1 existed for a round two months-three months. The exact amount of time remains forgotten. This was the world in which a majority of the founding members that still exist today joined, including OffTheAir.

World 2 Edit


Spawn City 2

World 2 was a very bleak and pathetic world that was created more because we had to. Spawn City (World 2) was the capital city. Everyone was maxed and bored so a new world was created, a town was hastily made by world edit and it looked awful. No one was proud of it so it was quickly thrown away. The world only had one town, also called Spawn. It only lasted for around a month or so and was reset again due to inactivity and boredom.

World 3 Edit

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Sorento after the Griefing

World 3 was created in Spring 2013. It featured RoA only and had two capitol cities. The first was Sorento, a really bad town that was largely world edited. Despite the town's cons, it also had this ballin' clubhouse owned by hacher5(which was also never used). After a large griefing and boredom, the staff constructed a new city on an world-edited island. If had the new capital city, Columbia. Unfortunately no known pictures have survived of the city. This world was the world the The Jonpocalypse happened. The world was reset after the catastrophic event.

World 4 Edit

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World 4 was the first map of the "Golden Age of RoA" this map featured Burlington. The city had a market and NPC's. It wasn't very world-edited but had some in it. The world was fairly successful, people were generally happy. It was also home to the first Hach n Noble, a book store ran by hacher5 that held books, including OffTheAir's Book of Quotes. People eventually got bored after a few months and the world was reset once again.

World 5 Edit

2013-06-07 15.17.36

Charleston Skyline

This was by far the most successful map and the longest lasting. It featured cities like Charleston, Kachirho, Bedford and Alto. one of RoAs best event though it had the second most world edit, next to columbia. It is unique that it was the first world in which the server was called "Allimore". The ambitious, yet lazy hacher5, also set out to create a town of his own. It was named New Zonan, after his original clan that he led, but it was unsucessful as it was too far away from any city. The Grand Spencorian Empire also resided on the server. The map lasted quite a while, more than 4 months. Charleston eventually succumbed to lag spikes, hence the nickname "Lag City".

World 6 Edit



World 6 was created in fall 2013. It featured the RoA capitol city of Amos. The town was very world edited,

made in a cross formation and tried to be organized but ended up being terrible. It had a very impressive capitol if it hadnt been world-edited, which it was. Instead many people moved to the much better town Riverton, led by ment. The world was the first appearance of clans such as Oligarchy of Nirigore and Noihara Scarlet Field. This world was home to the Great Staff Purge in which all current staff we're removed and replaced by new candidates. The Capitol was moved to New Amos due to Old Amos being so terrible. However, New Amos didn't do much better. A lack of interest with the server and maxing out led to Red reseting the map again after a few months.

World 7 Edit

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Oak Valley

World 7 was the height of RoAs power and the last "Golden Age" world for the clan as well. It featured towns such as Oak Valley as the capitol of RoA, Kova City and Faycrest. The RoA capital city was eventually moved to a peninsula called "Soto". The towns were interconnected by a large road system. This was also the height of multi-clans on Allimore with 5 total clans existing on the server. There was actually a wait for clans to get onto Allimore. It was very popular. Around this time, Mirage MC was taking flight. This world is largely considered the best of the "nation" side of RoA, clan politics were very present in the clan and Allimore. When this world ended, the decline of the Republic started.

World 8 Edit

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The Borders of World 8

World 8 was unique in the sense that was the first Allimore world that featured a pre-made world. It featured realistic land formations, similar to earth. Nations chose their borders pre-map release and they built their towns within the borders. It was a cool concept but the world felt empty, it was 8,000 blocks in diameter. RoAs capitol city was once again called "Soto" and was a costal city. The Hachlands was also another concept that never came to fruition, due to the lead builder-hacher5- being lazy and unmotivated. This world marked the height of The Allimore-Mirage Cold War and escelated when a Mirage party joined the server and attempted to mess with the world. This was the last world under the name "Allimore" until November 2014.

World 9 Edit

2014-12-21 16.43.38


World 9 was the reboot map which lasted from Novemeber 2014 to April 2015. Inhabited by only atlas, It was the clan's renewal and the beginning of the new golden age of the clan. The main town was Curtisville with several others being established later on. The world had a good highway system connecting everything, it also featured a large tunnel that stretched for many thousand blocks, the largest construction project ever taken on by Atlas at any time. It was rebooted due to a large amount of Festus and world 10 was created.

World 10 Edit

2015-09-02 17.08.49

New Sorento

Created May 2nd 2015, the world was created due to the the Festus problem of the last world. Unfortunately this world also started showing signs of the condition. The world was home to New Sorento, a Savannah city and a vast world largely unexplored. World 10 was abandoned on September 4th 2015 and the clan moved to Agion.

World 11 (Agion) Edit

Screenshot (10)

The Agion dynmap

Wrodl 11 was the first world not on Allimore itself, but Agion and at the time; considered to be the server's successor. Atlas decided to move to a new server with other clans on it after world 10 and the move was made with much approval from the clan.

Atlas colonized Agion in early September, 2015. Many clans were on the server, a major selling point for Atlas. The map featured many cities, Atlas's first and only town was Bedford (Agion).

Agion was shut down in July of 2016 and atlas created their own server once again.

World 12 (Beginning of Lore) Edit

Allimore 2.0 launched on August 8th, 2016 with Atlas building their first winter town, Cirrane. The World lasted most of 2017 and had one other clan on as well, The Republic of Nirigore. The map ended due to inactivity on April 23rd, 2017.


World 13 Edit

Although short lived, this world acted more as a filler world. Azov was the only city founded and was Atlas's second island city, its first in over four years. Abandoned in August 2017.

World 14 (The start of Allimore: Evolved) Edit

2017-10-24 23.21.29

Beginning site of the future capital (taken October 24th, 2017)

World 14 served as the clan's departure from the traditional vanilla method and was formed on the Technic Platform, with the inclusion of a modpack known as Allimore Evolved created by Genclone. The world was abandoned in winter of 2017.

World 15 (Allimore Casual) Edit

2018-05-03 14.00.10

Red's Western Town, May 3rd, 2018

World 15 (known as Allimore Casual) is a primarily Creative server with an emphasize on building that was launched on May 1st, 2018.

World 16 (The New Era) Edit

Created on August 25th, 2018 this new world saw massive success after being re-branded as a towny server. Notable cities such as Volair and FireStone City.