Aerial shot of Volair, 9/28/18

Volair is the first city constructed by Atlas in the new era. Founded on August 27th, 2018, the city is currently the largest on the server with 20 residents.

Location and founding Edit

The city is centrally located and sits in the shadow of a savannah mountain range. It is half in a plains biome and half in the savannah which makes it interesting when it rains. The location was chosen by Red and Pete because of the mountain range and its natural beauty.

Layout Edit

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Towny view

The city is divided into two distinct districts, Uptown and Downtown. Uptown houses many of the important city relating buildings and is also the oldest part of the city, thus designated the Cultural and Historical district. Within Uptown are a number of player houses, many the first constructed buildings, the first shack (the first building in all of Volair), the community center, the stables, the Cathedral of O and the City Hall.

Downtown is divided by a hill, and trees and is south of Uptown. This district has more houses and businesses than Uptown Volair. The expansion plan for the city has all of the growth centered in downtown. Other notable buildings in the area are Sirrs spire, the sheep farms, hotel atlas and the BIG BOI Tavern.

Notable Buldings Edit

The Community Center Edit

One of the first buildings constructed in town, this building was made by Red and Fail. It houses all items, the nether portal and an enchantment table for the City.

Sirr's Spire Edit

A notable edition to the skyline of Volair, Sirr's spire is easily the tallest building in the city and has a blimp connecting to the top.

The Cathedral of O Edit

Constructed early on in the towns history, the Cathedral is the center of oism in the city. One of the tallest buildings in the city, it is one of the first things travelers see when entering the city.

The Arena of Atlas Edit

Constructed by Sirrockyqo the arena lies in the far north-eastern part of the city and has hosted many fights. Notably during Failselective's stream.

Volair Drag Strip Edit

Volair is home to the horse capital of Allimore, having the worlds first 75 block track. It is a two lane drag strip where horses come to compete. Volair horse dealers is nearby as well and horses are timed on this track.

Residents Edit

Volair is home to a diverse group of players, many old players but many new immigrants as well. According to towny logs, the current residents are:

Trivia Edit

  • Air came up with the name Volair
  • Volair is the largest city ever constructed by Atlas