The Timeline of Atlas Edit

This timeline will include things like core members joining the clan, world resets, founding of towns and important historical dates. Most of this information will be found on the thread on so some things may be left out.

2013 Edit

  • January 20th- Thread is created, this is considered the birth of the clan.
  • February 13th- World 1 comes to end, World 2 is created
  • February 16th- Hacher 5 joins
  • Febraury 23rd- Failselective joins
  • February 23rd- Sirrockyqo joins
  • February 24th- dazykirk joins
  • March (?)- World 2 is reset, enter World 3
  • March 11th- doogy300 joins (Adam)
  • March 14th- Sorento is badly griefed
  • March 26th- Sorento is abandoned, construction on Columbia begins
  • April 3rd- Red begins looking for a general to lead the military
  • April 5th- The Jonpocalypse
  • April 8th- The server re-opens and Burlington is founded
  • April 8th- Beginning of World 4
  • April 10th- Range officially leaves
  • April 13th- dragonixi64 joins
  • April 16th- Ment4lAsylum joins
  • April 18th- algbbg joins
  • April 30th- Marcopolo573 joins
  • May 22nd- Aperture_pro joins
  • May 23rd- World 4 is reset due to host switch, World 5 is created. Charleston founded.
  • May 28th- MTD3454 joins (Mike)
  • May 30th- Doc_Awes joins
  • May 30th- SrSuccesso joins
  • May 30th- KyhleX joins
  • June (?)- The Grand Spencorian Empire joins Allimore
  • June 6th- Pavame joins
  • June 20th- Drakon_Eques joins
  • June 21st- Huge naval battle
  • July 4th- Colton_M joins
  • July 25th- First Atlas Games
  • July (?)- GsE joins
  • August 15th- The Republic of Falador forms from a GsE Rebellion
  • September 7th- TehAlphaGamer joins
  • October 20th- Pete 202 joins
  • October 29th- Frank4453 joins
  • October 29th- World 5 ends, World 6 begins.
  • November 16th- Duchy of Halensburg and Noihara Scarlet Field join Allimore
  • December 20th- Genclone joins

2014 Edit

  • January 2nd- The Oligarchy of Nirigore joins Allimore
  • January 20th- xobrandyxo joins
  • January 22nd- Allimore Wikia is created
  • February 16th- Map reset, World 6 is reset. World 7 begins.
  • February 19th- The Staff Purge
  • February 21st- The Guardians of Atlas are tested in a battle alongside The Bulwark
  • March (?)- OffTheAir is elected second President of the Republic of Atlas
  • March 23rd- OffTheAir resigns and gives the presidency to Ment4lAsylum
  • April 17th- Framework MC begins construction
  • April 18th- OffTheAir leaves along with dazykirk, hacher5, algbbg, MTD5434, Aperture_Pro and TehAlphaGamer.
  • April 21st- Dazy unofficially re-joins the clan
  • April (?)- The other members who left with air slowly re-join. All except Aperture_Pro rejoin the clan.
  • April 25th- World 8 begins after another map reset
  • May 21st- Calzo_24 joins
  • May 25th- Ment4lAsylum and TehAlphaGamer leave the clan
  • May (?)- The Allimore-Mirage Cold War
  • July 16th- Red takes a leave of absence from minecraft and control of the clan is left to MTD5434 or Mike.
  • The clan leaves Allimore and joins ON's new server, Halentra.
  • August 17th- Old thread closed, new thread opened
  • November 25th- Ment4lAsylum (Curtis) passes away in real life.
  • November(?)- Sometime after the death of Curtis the clan comes back together and opens a new server. Curtisville is founded.

2015 Edit

  • January 19th- Old thread is re-opened
  • May 5th- New World, New Sorento is established
  • September 5th- Atlas colonizes Agion

2016 Edit

  • January 30th- Three year anniversary for the clan
  • Febauary 1st - A revival of Bedford begins and activity is restored, the Guardians PVP team are formed and an arena constructed in Bedford
  • July- Agion is closed, all activity on minecraft has ceased for Atlas
  • July 22nd- Calzo_ leaves Atlas
  • August 8th- Activity resurfaces after red buys a new server and Allimore 2.0 rises. Cirrane is founded.
  • August 10th- Allimore Bridge Protest. Uncle Randy: Destroyer of Childhoods commits a suicide bombing, injuring Red and leaving a crater where the bridge was to be built.
  • August 13th- The Button Plague
  • December 24th- Red, Sirr, Colt and Gen all have a Christmas Party and get very drunk.
  • December 26th- The beginning of the Lore and new era of Allimore.

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