The Second Allimore Staff Team Edit

Inception: Edit

The Second Allimore Staff team was born after the complete removal of the first Allimore staff team and the opening of Staff Applications on the Allimore Enjin form. For the first time since Allimore's inception, non-Atlastians such as the Moderator FuzzyzzuF from the Grand Spencorian Empire were appointed to positions on the Allimore staff. After the application process was concluded the new staff team was composed of:

  • Redrabbit348 the Server Owner (Duh)
  • Algbbg an Admin
  • Genclone an Admin
  • Failselective a moderator
  • FuzzyzzuF a Moderator

The Members Agendas: Edit

While the would come to meet many challenges to leading Allimore to it's future, the perhaps greatest one of all was overcoming the disparate agendas maintained by each of the different members of the staff team. Every member of the team had their own idea for what made Allimore great and what caused it to stagnate during the sudden surge of new Clan servers starting with the Mirage server the notorious cold war between it and Allimore.

Genclone's Agenda: Edit

Genclone felt what made Allimore great was it's relative security from clan wars and political strife. Where Mirage was subjected to numerous inter-clan conflicts which it tried to carefully cater too, Allimore was home to a seemingly stable environment where clans could work together and co-exst peacefully. PVP had been largely isolated to minigames and contained environments like Arenas, liberating players to pursue greater projects without the fear of clan war or griefing looming so menacingly overhead. Genclone felt it was critical to preserve and foster the growth of that environment on Allimore but acknowledged Allimore's stagnation in the face of Mirage's growing prosperity. So beyond protecting and preserving the existing Allimore as it was, Genclone made his goal for the future the continued development of Minigames and the expansion of the Minigame maps and modes to provide new outlets for safe, fun, and fair PVP in sanctioned off environments away from the main map. Genclone focussed much of his efforts on combating other conflicting Agendas that would change the core of Allimore or in danger the atmosphere that had been established on it while developing newer Minigames and testing out ideas for larger and more immersive server events which took the form of super Minigames staged on specially designed maps with entirely new kits and mechanics, though all attempts at such large scale projects failed.

Redrabbit348's Agenda (post-speculation): Edit

Though Redrabbit's exact motives are currently unknown (please edit this section if you ever get around to it), it is speculated Red's own Agenda was the closest to Genclone's own, believing Allimore had to preserved as it was. Red seemingly shared Genclone's own philosophy that expansion of Minigames would benefit the server and create a niche for Allimore to exist it on it's own rather than becoming more like the already existing rival servers. Unlike Genclone who was however largely isolationist for past negative experiences with GsE, Red seemingly also believed that Allimore would greatly benefit through the expansion of the server's user base by admitting new clans to the server regularly. Though the difference in ideologies was relatively minor, it would slowly tear a rift between the two friends as Genclone began to feel much more strongly opposed to the idea of adding new Clans and became wary and distrustful of the other clans already on Allimore.

Algbbg's Agenda (post-Speculation): Edit

Though Algbbg's exact motives are not entirely known, it can be gauged through his proposals and actions Algbbg strongly believed Allimore's future lay in becoming more like Mirage and the new rival clan servers by implementing more meaningful PVP and clan conflict that was no longer strictly isolated to the Minigames.  It is speculated that again through his numerous proposals, that Alg firmly believed the future Allimore also lay in the expansion and enhancement of the vanilla survival experience as well as the addition of new Gamemodes. Where Algbbg faced strong opposition from Genclone and Red for his attempts to loosen Allimore's firm stance on Clan Conflicts, War, and PvP, he was almost entirely unopposed on the addition of new Gamemodes and enhancement of the vanilla experience. Many of Algbbg's bills such as those purposing the creation of Skyblock and a Creative world were completely unopposed and passed with a unanimous agreement after dishing out assurances that the server would not be negatively affected by the addition of new worlds. (While it cannot be strictly proven it is believed the numerous worlds and plugins added by algbbg contributed to the first appearance of "Festus" and it's rapid growth it's rapid growth thereafter). Algbbg, however, did meet severe opposition however in nearly all attempts at proposing the introduction of clan conflicts to Allimore with even compromise being rapidly shoot down by Genclone and Red who ardently defended the belief that such changes would hurt the server more than they would help. The great difference in ideology tore a great gap in the former friendship between Algbbg and Genclone who now began to see Algbbg as reckless and unpredictable. Algbbg than began to meet great opposition from Genclone over his attempts to enhanced the vanilla gameplay as Genclone's trust for Algbbg had worn thin and his tolerance for poorly tested and failed attempts at changing Allimore disappeared. One of the most infamous though perhaps completely unheard of argument was the fierce debate over the addition of Skyrim themed content to the server which Genclone savagely attacked and actively blocked at all attempted proposals though he had little reason to do so. Genclone finally offered a compromise for the bill saying that he would allow the change if he would be allowed to test the RPG items on his own Pseudo Allimore to assure their stability and balance before their implementation on Allimore. Algbbg and FuzzyzzuF refused the compromise and Genclone continued to fiercely block the bill over the series of several intense flame wars.

FuzzyzuuF's Agenda (post-Speculation): Edit

Fuzzyzzuf though not an Admin himself maintained his own Agenda unfortunately extremely little is known of FuzzyzzuF's own motives as he purposed relatively few large bills of his with the exception of the highly controversial Skyrim bill backed by Algbbg. From his actions, it can be roughly gauged that FuzzyzzuF largely shared his own motives with Algbbg as the two worked closely together supporting each other's propositions though the two frequently meet opposition from Red and Genclone. The two often worked tirelessly to overturn Genclone's opposition through majority vote both from the staff team and on occasion the server members itself but often their bills meet a sudden and quick defeat at the hand of Red who retained absolute power as the server Owner (Unfortunately not before Genclone sought private council with Red to sway him from siding with Alg and Fuzzy as a last resort after being outvoted by the duo).

Major Issues: Edit

Among the many challenges the staff team faced aside from overcoming their own differences in opinion were resolving major "issues" with the server such as the Economy, using pre-designed worlds or generated worlds, when to install new plugins and how many plugins was going "too far", how to best combat Festus, when to reset a world, and above all else, how to re-instigate the golden age of Allimore and rise above the stagnation. Among those, the Economy was perhaps by far the most debated topic among the members of the new staff team who all agreed something had to be done but quarreled over exactly how the problem was to be resolved and how frequently new solutions should be attempted. Each member of the staff team and even several members of Allimore's player base all proposed their own ideas for how to best revitalize the economy but few could agree on all the details of each plan and solutions often came in the form of barely cobbled together compromises that served more so as hotfixes and patches until a more permanent and elegant solution could be found. Of course, the perfect fix was never found and the Economy remains unresolved to date with newer versions of Allimore seeing Atlastians revert back to communal stockpiles and resource bartering. The Agendas came into play with each staff member's own plan for how to break the stagnation of the server though no two members could strictly agree on all fronts as to what was best for the server though the future of Allimore remained a hot topic for debate and feud for the entirety of the new staff team's reign.

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