"As a once member, admin, hach (Idek why I used that word just there, it's a figment of my imagination that makes me look like a fucking furry) and unlovable /tnt abuser, I am contractuably obligated to make a post about all my wacky and 'light-hearted' adventures on the servers and with this clan"-hacher5
hacher5 didn't play by the rules. He was a rebel and always made things work with brunt force-nope can't keep a straight face...

hacher5, usually just called hach, or Hach (Sometimes HACH if he blew something up) was a clan member of the Atlas, the Republic of Atlas, and everything in between. He was a notable admin and creator of the Republic of Atlas. No he didn't make the clan, he helped establish the Republic.

History Edit

hach's first "official" home-world can be considered Sorento. He was on the world before Sorento, but for just two days.

On Sorento, hach became a prominent club owner, which was prominent for never being used. He also held land far away from town, which became a beloved getaway spot for him.

The next world would make hach a much more respected and prominent member of the clan. It was this world where hach created "hach n' noble" which was a result of OffTheAir's "Book of Quotes". The chain would be featured in the capitol-usually near the entrance/center-of every succeeding world/server.

hach also contributed to creating a republic for the clan. This was proposed by him to add some sort of role play and interest to the clan. Red supported the idea, and the failed council system was created by hach and established.

It was around this time that hach also changed his skin. He used to be a human in a robe, but now he became some furry animal in a robe. He can deny being a furry all he wants, but he looked like a fucking furry(I really didn't think of it that way in retrospect, I regret it now so much).

hach eventually created a tower that erected itself from the sea. Known as hach Tower, it was home to crazy experiments, such as a machine that role played what made hacher(a human in his fucking furry eyes) become a hach(an alien in his fucking furry eyes). The Tower would neighbor OffTheAir's home, which was made my Range. They would both go on to hate each other and destroy eachother's houses. Air tnted the top of the Tower, and hach responded with the destruction of Air's house.

Not much else happened to hach after that. He continued to delve into clan politics, eventually becoming ambassador, but he found the gamut of Minecraft to be a complete joke, eventually despising the game and most people he has encountered on it.

hach is also the founder of the Pro Atlas Klan(PAK), a sub-clan in the RoA that hated the inclusion of other clans onto the server.

Failed Cities Edit

hach once tried to create a new town, calling it New Zonan. The road that led to the town was nothing but dimly lighted signs, which made finding the town near impossible. Because of this, no one ever went there, and the project would be scrapped, later becoming home for a hunger games construction project. Before any major construction was made, however, the world was reset, and New Zonan was forever gone.

On another world, hach tried to create a monk/temple esc. village in the mountains that neighbored the RoA and some other stupid clan. It was called the hachlands, and was noted for having nothing but snow on it.

The Republic Edit

hach tried to create a republic based off a three party representation/vote system. One party represented the farmers, another the designers, and one more for everyone in between. The system was very dysfunctional, as most people were farmers and no one considered themselves to be an everyday joe. The idea of a Republic remained, however, until the first true "world" for the server became a thing.

Personality Edit

Listen, I am that hach guy. I was young back then. I'm a junior now. I don't even know why I still do this. I hate the fucking game, and I hate that I spent so much time on this game in the eighth grade and parts of freshman year.

When I first started, I was very reserved. However, around the time I became an admin, I became obnoxious and a little bit power hungry.

Nowadays I regret doing this, and I wonder how much time I could've spent practicing baseball or talking to someone over doing this

HOWEVER, the friends I've made are irreplaceable, and I'm glad I can call them friends even though I've met them.


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