Backstory Edit

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One of the few surviving Vanguards.

The Vanguards were the first race of settlers on Allimore. It is unknown when or how they arrived. It is estimated their reign lasted for centuries. They once had elaborate cities and towns with borders stretching for miles. Their demise came during The End War.

Culture Edit

Vanguard culture revolved around Oism, a religion and lifestyle which promoted respect and caring. The religion was incorporated to every day life and some even chose to dedicate their life to it, called Purists.

Not much is known about their economy or cities but they did construct many mineshafts, deep underground. These can only be assumed to be a large part of their economy as there are numerous found around Allimore.

The Vanguards constructed an unkown amount of Academies of Oism around Allimore. These underground structures were built of stonebrick and were centers of Oism. It was where a Vanguard became a Purist and dedicated their life to the religion. Many ancient books and scripts were kept there, these were used to unlock Relics of O. One academy has been discovered by the Atlas historical society, it was there they discovered there were still two more.

Evokers and Vindicators Edit

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Evoker and Vindicator.

Not all those who survived The End War chose to form peaceful communities. A few spread out around Allimore and created cults that worshiped the dark parts of Oism. Although these Vanguards could never become Purists like their ancestors, they were able to draw upon meager amounts of power from the great O. They constructed great mansions in their dark forests and gathered followers.

The leader of a cult is called an Evoker and can use some supernatural abilities and draw upon energy from O to summon small minions called Vexes. Only one of these mansions has been found and it was heavily studied by the Atlas historical society.

Although not entirely known why these Vanguards chose a darker path than their fellow people, it is speculated that they were grieving over the End War and wanted to become Purists to get revenge.

Legacy Edit

A few Vanguard villages still exist, after the End War the last remaining community agreed to split up and repopulate the land. They now live much more simple lives in small villages, usually farming or taking up small jobs. They no longer practice Oism, it was largely forgotten among the survivors and those who remembered were still scarred from the End War. They chose to forget it as not to repeat the past.

No one has been able to decipher their language and communication with them remains futile. Although they do seem eager to trade, hinting that their culture revolves around material goods and trade.

Vanguard mineshafts still exist and are regularly found by Allimorians. These are usually rich with resources and still have some old items in them.

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