The Roman Empire was a major clan on Allimore back in its heyday. The nation joined in World 8 and created their capital city, the name of which is not remembered. They are most notable for being the oldest minecraft clan still around today, even though their leadership has changed since Allimore.

Culture and Organization Edit

The clan took many of its ideas from the real life Roman Empire and built off of them to properly form a minecraft clan. Although the clan started out in runescape back in 2004, it still lives today and its minecraft branch is still active.

The clan is divided into different divisions for its jobs, PVP and building to name a few. A council runs the clan and was in use during its time on Allimore.

Legacy Edit

It is not known when EmeraldPeanut stepped down from the role of leader, the clan is still active in minecraft. It will be known as the longest living clan to ever inhabit Allimore.

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