The Republic of Falador was a failed attempt a coup against The Grand Spencorian Empire. In World 5, GSE was the first outsider clan allowed on Allimore and created their first city, Amplitudo. A governor was appointed, ghostfx141 and he quickly grew tired of GSE and attempted to rebel. Red, leader of Atlas gave his blessing because he wanted to see what would happen.

The Coup Edit

It is unknown how many Spencorians support Ghost in his rebellion but estimates place it at 5, which at the time, was a good amount because GSE was still in its infancy. They created a new city, Falador which was small in its own right. Soon GSE surrounded the city and through peaceful negotiations, Falador was disbanded and handed over to GSE as a city-state.

Lasting Effects Edit

After the rebellion, Ghost was allowed back into GSE but Evanator4225 was appointed governor of Amplitudo and the new Falador city was left to ghost to govern. The new and united GSE was prosperus with more members and a new city.

Many Atlasians found it interesting and quite an event to watch as it was the first conflict on Allimore.

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