The Jonpocalypse is an historic event of the Republic of Atlas that occured on the third map, April 5th 2013, more specifically, the city of Columbia in which the overall result was the absolute destruction of not only the city, but the map aswell. It is considered the worst day in all of RoA's history.


RoA's leader, redrabbit348, was convinced that a military could be supported. That being said, he sent out a plea on the Minecraft Forums requesting a General who could lead it. The one who responded to his plea was none other than Jon. After speaking for a bit, Red felt Jon was the right man for the job, and OP'd him so things on the server could get rolling quickly. Little did he know, however, that Jon would soon abuse OP and destroy absolutely everything that was worked hard to make Columbia what it was. Red, along with the other staff, were away at the time, so nothing could be done to stop Jon's terror on the map. Jon had used WorldEdit to spawn TNT balls in which he soon blew up. Along with that, he also banned every RoA member that came onto the server. In the end though, he was successfully banned by the Co-Owner at the time, Ranginggod. However, his work could not be un-done. The city had been destroyed to a point where it could never be repaired. Along with that, around 25% of the members left the Republic because of it.

Lasting ResultsEdit

After Jon's destruction on the city of Columbia, Red had thoughts that he may be done with Minecraft. However, encouragement from the members and a lust to continue soon proved to prevail over that thought, and soon enough, a new map was created with a hope that things would get better. This map was home to the city of Burlington. To this day, Jon is considered one of the most hated members in the entire community of the Republic of Atlas for what he did, and his work on the server is known by everyone and is still referenced  as the "Jonpocalypse". (Due to the fact that it was pretty much the equivalent of an Apocalypse for the server at the time) Around a month or two after the incident, Jon actually approached RoA with an apology letter, which was soon spat upon and seen as a joke.

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