The Helvish Confederacy was a major clan on Allimore back in World 8. The clan was a strong ally with the Republic of Atlas. Its colors were blue and gold. Although not the largest clan on Allimore, they made up with it in government and order. The Helvish Confederacy eventually reunited with the remnants of the Lithlandian Empire to form the Holy Lithlandian Empire.

Organization and Culture Edit

The Helvish Confederacy, although organized to consist of multiple states, only maintained the single state of Helvibur from which the Confederacy name originates from.

The Grand Ministry of the Helvish Confederacy made up the government of the Helvish Confederacy, headed by the Federal Chancellor who dictated both foreign and domestic policies with the assistant of the ministers.

The Helvish Confederacy's culture was very formal and government related. They were probably the most realistic clan on Allimore at the time, even more so than The Grand Spencorian Empire.

History Edit

Although short-lived, the history behind the Helvish Confederacy is rich in history. The Helvish Confederacy was formed in the ashes of a bloody civil war in the Lithosyngaevian Khaempura, commonly known as the Lithlandian Empire, which led to the total collapse of the Empire. Formed by the son of Khaempura Athos Uuyraem du' Aiev, Ruudaf Uuyraem, in order to create a puppet state that would eventually rejoin the Empire once the revolutionaries were defeated. Ruudaf Uuyraem, more commonly known as Rudolf Szilveszter or Noble Gaming, saw no hope for the future of the monarchy and took the opportunity to create a new state that would rise to reconquer all of the Empire in order to continue the monarchy under his rule. Under his leadership, a united front of militiamen retook the capital of the Empire, Aiev, and began to fight the various revolutionary groups. The movement began the war with victories but as the war progressed, the war turned against them. By early 2014, Aiev was lost to the revolutionaries and the government of the Helvish Confederacy retreated to Allimore.

Once on Allimore, the Confederacy was very minuscule and inexperienced in comparison to the other nations of Allimore. The nation was deprived of a culture and history due to the temporary resentment of anything to do with Lithlandia and the name of the new nation became the "Helvish Confederacy" instead of the nameless Lithlandian state, however, Lithlandian culture and traditions would later emerge in the later part of its life and would lead to the resurrection of the Holy Lithlandian Empire. The people of the Confederacy, few in number, would become quick friends on the Allimorians and heavily sympathize with the Nirian people, who were at the time in a state of rebellion from the RMMC. Federal Chancellor Rudolf Szilveszter/Ruudaf Uuyraem (NobleGaming) looked up to the President at the time, redrabbit, for his ability to lead as a fair and honorable leader who truly wished for the well-being of his people. The Confederacy would remain stagnant for some time due to its very low population but would begin to see success in the later months of Allimore's life.

The Helvish Confederacy began to grow in power once government reforms were made in order to create an effective to ensure order and the reintroduction of the Lithlandian culture. The Confederacy began to expand its military rapidly and its political power dramatically increased. Instead of being thought of as a weak nation by many, it began to be considered a nation on par with the other powers of the community. The Confederate Army would see victories in the campaigns against the Zafarien people as well as various other tribal groups. It's propserity, however, came to a swift end once conflict met the young nation.

The Helvish Confederacy unwilling became a participant of a long and destructive conflict when a false treaty was made between Sabretori and the Helvish Confederacy that was in the false pretense that the Oligarchy of Nirigore supported this colony. Within a day of the colony being discovered, the lie was uncovered and the Confederacy to quick action to shut down the colony. Unbeknownst to the Confederacy however, Sabretori would lead an entire server against Allimore due to the confrontation and many of the top leaders of the Confederacy would betray it and form the Kingdom of Ulm.

Legacy Edit

The Helvish Confederacy will always be remembered as a longtime ally of The Republic of Atlas, The Oligarchy of Nirigore and The Grand Spencorian Empire. Leader NobleGaming had a good deal of influence on the Minecraft clan community and was a great leader. His work within the Helvish Confederacy would lead to the reformation of the Lithlandian Empire under himself, Khaempura Ruudaf Uuyraem du' Aiev.

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