The Great Panic was an event that happened in late spring/early summer of 2014. In the Republic of Atlas, many core members had been staff and had been removed from the positions during the Staff Purge of Allimore. That left some of them angry or bitter at Red.

Building Tensions Edit

Air was not, he just still wanted to have fun on the server. Red got his new staff team together and begin planning the new server and how to make it work. It all started to fall downhill when Red insulted air saying that Air missed OP (staff) and was just bitter because of it.

Air in fact just wanted to have fun like the old days so he decided to leave the clan. This led many of the core members to leave the clan, including the current President of the Republic of Atlas, Ment4lAsylum. Notable members that left with air were TehAlphaGamer, Dazykirk, and Aperture_pro.

Aftermath Edit

This led to a severe decline in the server and The Republic of Atlas, Red had to manage both once again which put even greater stress on his personal life. A day later almost all the members returned except Aperture_pro. Air felt responsible and didn't want everyone to follow him so he returned. This day marked the downfall of the sever and the clan.

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