The Grand Spencorian Empire had begun as a small coalition of people on an ancient and isolated server of Agion, beleiving in Five primary edicts: Justice, Order, Science, Freedom, and Expansion. They would attempt often to settle in this far off and foreign land, but the ground beneath their feet lay too infertile; and the mineshafts too dry to start a proper Empire. Beleiving that their culture, practices, and beleifs were superior to that of any other, the Emperor (spencier) and his fellow Imperials escaped the desolate shores of Agion for a brighter and more fruitful landmass. They would, after many weeks of search, settle upon the Most fertile land of Allimore. And so here, the adventure would begin. 

The Early GsE and AllimoreEdit

At first, the GsE was small and had little affect in the day to day life on Allimore. Though there were many signs of discontentment with the allowance of strangers, let alone Imperialistic infividuals, on the lands of Allimore by the RoA, tensions would disipate over time. The first city the GsE would officially establish would be Aplitudo City. Amplitudo, in latin, the official language of the Empire, meant the simple word of, "great". Amplitudo would soon rise, but never to the granduer that was originally ever hoped. It would not be long, also, until disputes would begin to arise within the Imperial inner circle (these were the days before the High Council was officially established, and Advisors were almost completly uncontroled with power). It would not be much longer until the First Imperial Civil War would begin. As result of the war, the Emperor and his loyal cohorts were forced to, and narrowly did, escape the now rebellious Amplitudo City. Far off to the west, the Emperor and his remaining loyalists would ban together and lay the foundations of Camp Secretum, a military camp to coordinate the attacks that would take place against the rebellious city. Bloodshed would, however, prove to be unnecessary. As result of misguided judgement and spur of the moment, some supporters of the rebellion would rejoin the Empire, and, in secret, help remove the rebels from the city, and have it return to Imperial rule. As a result of his valiant efforts to reclaim the city, Evanator4225 was elected governor of the city and renamed the liberated city Evanston in his honor. 

The Removed rebels would soon form the Republic of Falador, but would, within a few weeks following, collapse due to poor politial structure. Those who were left homeless due to the fall of the RoF were taken back into the GsE. Many of those who served in the war are still present and very active to this day. 

It would not be long however until Secretum would become a vibrant and expanding city. As a result, it was made the new capital of the Grand Spencorian Empire. 

In addition to its growing popularity, the new GsE capital would have the honor of hosting one of the games of the Atlas Games, a prestigious event that tested the will and strength of each of her participants. 

It would not be too long however, until the next update would arrive. The server world was destroyed and a great deal of time would pass before the next world would be established. In this time, the GsE expanded greatly in numbers and extablished several new colonies throughout minecraftia. 

The New Sever and a New DawnEdit

After a great deal of time, the new Allimore server would be established, and with it many new feats. Alongside the returning GsE, joined the Nohirians, the Ogilarthy, and the Hapsburgs (though the latter would be banned entirly vrey quickly due to cheating problems). As a result, the Empire would grow greatly in her relations with the Ogilarthy. 

The GsE would soon establish a new and true captial city worthy to be under the banner of the GsE, Imperium! This city was the largest and most expansive city ever contruscted by the GsE, and would in turn be the most grand project ever undertaken. To this day, Imperim remains as a shining star of culture, liberty, and wealth that the GsE and her provinces present to the realm of minecraftia. In addition to the city of Imperium, a new city of Victorium has been created. This city has been designed to be a designer city of premade homes and luxurious (and cheap) trade goods. Vicorium is still a developing city though, much like how Secretum was in its early days. 

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