The FoxiEdit

Foxi are a race of Anthromorphic Foxes that originated in the Revlar system of space, their people were enslaved by the warring races of Revlar. It was not until a slave revolution did the Foxi finally earn their freedom. But rather than staying in the Revlar system the Foxi fled the war torn space using a prototype ship board warp drive (A revolutionary advancement in interstellar travel left behind by the same elder race to create the star gates.) The Foxi found a new home in the vast space of the Minecraftia quadrant where there people have been spread across the vastness of its many star systems.

Pack RolesEdit

Kittsune: Foxi Kittsune are the pack warriors, they are extremely dedicated to the protection of their Den or Hamlet and all that inhabit it. They are naturally over cautious and extremely suspicious of the other races which makes them well responsible for Foxi’s highly xenophobic attitude towards outsider races. Kittsune often find themselves leading small packs searching for suitable Den locations. Foxi Kittsune typically carry out jobs far too risky for Foxi Kittzen most of these jobs involve leaving the safety of the den to collect resources. Kittsune are typically very spiritual and guide the rest of the pack in religious practices and rituals.

Kittzen: Foxi Kittzen are the backbone of Den infrastructure, they provide for pack needs by performing less dangerous jobs. Foxi Kittzen are well known for their masterful artistic abilities and craftsmanship. Kittzen serve primarily to follow Kittsune leadership and provide aide where aide is needed. Kittzen as opposed to Kittsune are very tame and skittish, choosing to instead shy away from fights seeking the safety of their Den.


Dens: Foxi Dens are rarely to be found across the land, this is predominantly because Foxi are very particular about the locations in which a Den can be set up. Foxi naturally prefer solitude and isolation so Dens must be encompassed by large geographical barriers such as Mountains, hills, or cliff sides. Within these barriers there must be both a large body of water of river and a smaller spate body of water for usage as an oasis. The region’s climate must also be suitable to the breed of Foxi seeking to establish their Den there. Once a location is chosen Foxi burrows are established along the edges of the Den while a central area is set up for pack gatherings. The Den’s central communal area is outfitted with a main campfire, well, and spaces for laying out community structures during major events such as Harvest Fest. Along the large body of water Foxi establish small gardens and farms while the smaller body of water is fully converted into a Foxi Oasis and several sacred gardens set up around it.

Hamlets: Due to the wide spread between Foxi Dens and Foxi’s general xenophobic nature the idea of forming towns is simply to foreign however when Foxi Dens grow large enough they become recognized as Hamlets. Foxi Hamlets are commonly located in much larger geographic isolations like valleys and will span a significant distance however their layout is essentiallythe same as small Dens with the exception of larger more stationary community structures.


Burrows: The vast majority of Foxi live in underground Burrows which they dig out themselves. These burrows are unlike to that of other animals in that the Burrows are well furnished and complete with walls and floors. Most Burrows are set up with personal/family rooms on the left and work/hobby rooms on the right, Burrows also have a very large centralized family room towards the back of the burrow where games and other forms of merriment occur.


Small pack:Small pack Government structures are only found in Foxi Dens as Hamlets adopt a slightly more developed system based on the small pack system. Foxi Dens are led by what is called a Kittsune-Kittzen partnership. It is a requirement it most cases that the Kittsune and Kittzen be mates in order for them to rise to the position of leadership. When a Den is first founded the head Kittsune and the Kittsune’s mate are appointed to the leadership position provided that the mate is in fact a Kittzen. If the mate is not a Kittzen then a Kittzen from the pack will be appointed by the Kittsune to establish a work only partnership in which leadership of the pack will be passed on to a decedent of the Kittsune provided that the Kittzen has at least one decedent to marry into a Kittsune-Kittzen relationship otherwise the leadership will be passed to a decedent of the Kittzen again provided that at least one of the Kitzen’s descendants marries into a Kittsune-Kittzen relationship. If neither Kittsune of Kittzen have a decedent to marry into a Kittsune-Kittzen relationship then the leadership is passed onto one of the decedents of the Kittsune usually another Kittsune and again another Kittsune-Kittzen work only partnership is established and the system repeats.

Hamlet: Hamlet Government works in an extremely similar method to small packs however Hamlets boost a council of three Kittsune-Kittzen relationships. Though leadership is passed on in the same method a Kittsune-Kittzen relationship can be impeached and replaced if voted on by the Hamlet’s inhabitats.


All Foxi economies depend on the extremely tight relationship across Foxi pack members.  Foxi believe in working to the common good of their pack and dedicate their time so that all Foxi live comfortable and happy lives in their Den or Hamlet. Because of this Foxi have no form of currency and poverty is absent from Foxi Dens and Hamlets. However in rare instances Foxi will barter items with other races if need be although Kittsune do not look kindly on such actions.


Red Kittsesh: This is the most common Foxi, they make their dens in temperate climates and enjoy a diet of berries, various fruits and vegetables, as well as fish and herbs. The Red Kittsesh is very playful and extremely family oriented spending as much time with their pups as possible. The Red Kittsesh is also the most agrarian of the breeds creating large farms to supply their packs.

Brown Kittsesh: The is the second most prominent breed of Foxi, they too enjoy temperate climates however they are sometimes more daring and willing to go into colder areas Red Kittsesh would not dare go. Brown Kittsesh believe in raising their pups through much more tedious lessons as opposed to Red Kittsesh which believe in teaching their pups through games. Brown Kittsesh are the masterful Artisans and Crafters of their Pack, but their art is confined to small works of wood or paintings no the Brown Kittsesh often take up jobs as blasksmiths making elaborate and decorated works of metal such as beautiful armors and weapons to arm Kittsune.

Silver Kittsesh: Silver or “Artic” Kittsesh are found promintly in cold taigas and along the borders of Arctic tundra’s. Unlike Brown and Red Kittsesh Silver Kittsesh rarely establish Dens as the cold landscape is too inhospitable even for most Silver Kittsesh. Due to the extreme isolation Silver Kittsesh usually pursue fields of science and engineering making them among the smartest of the Foxi. Though Kittsesh have thicker fur to allow them to survive in the colder climates it is not entirely unheard of for them to join Dens and hamlets established by Brown Kittsesh along the borders of the cold regions.

Black Kittsesh: Black Kittsesh or “Dark” Kittsesh are a result of genetic experimentation by the slaver race in the Revlar system. It is rumored that the experiments were an attempt to rid Foxi of their skittish nature in favor of dramatically boosting Kittsen’s warrior attitude. Such experimentation resulted in drastic changes in behavior that released Foxi’s inner hatred for the slave holders. The research facility was overwhelmed by the Black Kittsesh over the course of two months after their hybridization. It was later discovered that these genetic alterations have mutated in a viral disease capable of infecting other Foxi. Black Kittsesh prefer dark environments such as caves, they dislike any and all bright lights and as such only go out during night time. Unlike other Foxi black Kittsesh feast primarily on meat as such was more readily available in the Revlar system then plant vegetation. Black Kittsesh do not stoop as low to cannibalism instead seeking only to spread their virus to other Foxi however it is completely natural for Black Kittsesh to devour Mauling victims as such can be a scourge to all sentient life. There is no none cure for Black Kittsesh so if found do yourself the universe a favor.