The Empire of Tarot was a smaller clan that was on Allimore for a short time in World 8. Their colors were green and white and had a small capital city started. Although not lasting long, they are considered a major clan because of their numbers which were easily in the 15-20 range at the time.

Culture and Organization Edit

"The Empire of Tarot is based upon the principles of honor and equality for all of its subjects. It's a financially thriving Empire with the construction of wondrous cities under way. We are led by a Panel which is responsible for foreign relations and decision making. Each citizen is able to have a job and a home. In the Empire of Tarot everyone is to be treated equally." - Directly from the thread.

Although considered to be quite simple with their culture and level of complexity, they did have many members at the time.

Their small government consisted of two people forming a pannel.

Legacy Edit

Not much at all is remembered about this ancient clan/nation and many wonder where all the members have left. Many assimilated into other nations after the fall of the nation, the leader has yet to be found. They are remembered in the history books of Allimore.

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