The Atlas Inn is an Inn located in the Bedford, Agion, Grand Avenue 6.

2016-01-17 20.06.29

Front of the inn.

About Edit

It was built on a whim by pete202 as he noticed the lack of commercial buildings in the area. The first floor includes the reception desk and the dining area while the second floor houses 2 guest rooms. The Church of Oism is in it's attic.
2016-01-17 20.06.38

The Atlas Inn sign.

2016-01-17 20.07.42

First floor and reception desk.

2016-01-17 20.07.50

One of 2 rooms in the Inn

2016-01-17 20.08.14

Second floor hallway.

2016-01-17 20.09.16

Behind the Inn.

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