The Allimore-Mirage Cold War was a series of events that happened around April 2014. The events were attributed by Atlas and the Spencorians as a struggle between the two powerhouse clan servers at the time; Allimore and MirageMC, and as a properganda cover by Valdrec, speaking for DA.

Building Tensions Edit

The events all started after growing tensions between the owners of the two clan servers, redrabbit348 from Allimore and Sabretori from MirageMC. Due to some clans trying to get other clans to join them on either of the two servers, Red and Sabre both were vocal about their displeasure on the minecraft forums. This lead to the clan leaders on Allimore making an Alliance within Allimore should anything happen between the two servers.

During this time, many people (mostly Red) were posting on MCF pointing fingers. At the same time RoA was going through tough times, leadership of the clan was transferred to Air, then Ment and back to Red after Air left due to Red being a massive jerk. This event was known as "The Great Panic". ON was the dominant clan on Allimore at the time with by far the most members.

The Invasion of Allimore Edit

The war came to a height with a party of Miragian members consisting of Sabre, Valdrec and Gen with a few more of Sabre's people. Gen used his access to the server console to whitelist everyone involved. Air was the only Allimorian at the time, which led to him alerting Red who just so happened to be ready, he shut down the server and averted the crisis.

The Mirage players dispute the identity of all seen there, and claim that it was an off-chance prank that mostly involved the slaying of The ON's leader's Pet.

The Reichenbach Summit Edit

The Reichbach summit was an attempt by the Grand Spencorian Empire and it's allies, to find an end to the anxiety within the Allimorian clans, and the clans on Mirage, summoning a great council meeting of all parties involved, leaders of Allimore Atlas, GsE, ON, and leaders of a clan on Mirage, Draconic Ascension, chosen to represent Mirage by the leaders of Allimore.

Valdrec, already a man of history with Allimore, and third member of DA, was chosen to take DA's seat after Wayne, it's leader, decided to step out. Valdrec argued, that from the perspective of Miragian players, who were mostly inwardly-focused factions, that there was no war to speak of, and claims of a war were just propaganda to cause the two groups to fight, and perhaps even a cover for internal leadership struggles in Allimore, with Atlas struggling for leaders and the Oligarchy taking advantage of the situation to further their political aims.

The Reichenbach soon concluded with a vote to end hostilities, with all parties argreeing, except Valdrec's DA seat, which abstained to vote for the same reasons they protested.

Aftermath Edit

Although determined, Allimore collapsed shortly after the Reichenbach Summit due to stress caused by the overwhelming drama at the time. The nations of Allimore scattered for a while with the Grand Spencorian Empire and the Helvish Confederacy moving to their own server where a civil war in the Grand Spencorian Empire broke out, leaving the Spencorian Regime crippled and leading to the rise of the Helvish Confederacy, later to become the Holy Lithlandian Empire. After a few months however the Nirians, Spencorians, and the Lithlandians would meet again on the land of Halentra but due to increased imperialist actions in the Grand Spencorian Empire and the Holy Lithlandian Empire's desire to show off their power, another cold war broke out between the Grand Spencorian Empire and the Holy Lithlandian Empire that nearly turned into a true war but was stopped after the Grand Spencorian Empire and the Oligarchy of Nirigore retreated to Agion fearing invasion and the inevitable conquering of their people by the Lithlandians and Romans.