TehAlphaGamer (Known better as Alpha or Noah), is a member of Atlas that first joined 7 September, 2013. While not often on the server due to persistent hardware issues (And an often-complained about graphics card), he had previously had a larger role in managing crops for the clan, having before been the leader of a farming-based clan known as the Farmer's Union of Minecraft.

He is known for his in-jest hostility towards new members and having a rather extensive and colorful vocabulary. He also was lovingly forgotten to be added to the players page. When it comes to Minecraft he's one of the older players of the game, having played 4 years come April of 2015. He's also known for taking large amounts of time on, and sometimes not at all finishing, certain projects.

Trivia Edit

  • Noah is the southernmost-living American player, as he lives in Florida.
  • Noah is the only Jewish player.

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