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Overview Edit

Spawn city was the capital city in World 2. It had no name because no one thought it needed a name. It was a relativley small city, with very few people actually living in it.

Layout Edit

The city had a main street with a few World Edited shops on the side, which were intended to be player shops, a fountain for decoration and some houses. The other half of the city housed some small houses for players. There was also a large bank which served no purpose.

Landmarks Edit

Hach's Chest Shop Edit

The only real landmark is a large building in the shape of a minecraft chest, made by hacher5. It didn't really have a purpose and only had a few signshops within it but it did look pretty cool.

Trivia Edit

  • The city featured NPC's and was the last one to do so.
  • This was LeryoGecko's last map he played on.
  • Ike709 had a massiv structure in the desert biome right next to the city which was larger than the city itself.

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