Spawn City may refer to Spawn City (World 2)

First city 2

Overview Edit

Spawn city was the very first city in any Allimore world. It had a main street with houses, post office and government buildings such as the farms. It was one of the largest cities due to the fact that almost everyone lived in it.

Districts Edit

Main District Edit

This district had most of the houses as well as most of the government buildings within it. It was ecompased by a cobblestone wall which devided the District with the lower district.

Lower District Edit

The lower district had many houses and shops but not much else. It was, geographically speaking, larger than the Main District but also had its own PVP team. It had a road leading to the Homestead and Fortressville.

Landmarks Edit

The Atlas Statue Edit

This statue was created by Red, with world edit, and was one of the cities most valuable landmarks, It had Atlas kneeling down holding a cube world in his hands.

The First Atlas Tower Edit

Built by Rextoret, an ex member, this structure is to this day, the largest and one of the most impressive structures ever built by Allimorians. It reached to the max limit and was 4x4 with decorations.

Legacy Edit

The city is considered to be one of the best cities ever constructed on any Allimore world and established many themes and designs that are stull present today. This city saw many great structures which led to many new members coming which eventually became the core members of Atlas.

Trivia Edit

  • The city had two PVP teams, one for the city itself and the lower district.
  • OffTheAir was given staff on this world by Red.
  • The world was established by many of Red's IRL friends, non of which still play minecraft.
  • Rextoret, one of the clan's best builders vanished after this city and world.

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