Overview Edit

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Soto was the capital of RoA during world 8. It was a beautiful coastal city where much of the population lived at the time.

Layout Edit

The city's main street went through the entire town and featured a few coastal shops, the stables, the capitol building and some side streets which led to houses. Soto was built on the pre-made world on a plains biome, there weren't many treesa round so building materials had to be imported from quite a distance away.

Notable Buildings Edit

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Soto Lighthouse Edit

This tower was the largest structure in the city and tallest. It had glowstone at the top with a spiral staircase leading to a viewing platform near the top. It was constructed by Red out of stone bricks.

Capitol Building Edit

The RoA capitol building was created by Red and featured many nice rooms and a very elegant exterior construction. It was rarely used but added a nice touch to the skyline of the city.

Trivia Edit

  • The city's location was chosen because it was centralized to the whole world, the exact center. It had 3 different rivers converging on it.
  • It was the only official city in RoA territory in world 8.

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