Overview Edit

Sorento was a Capital city in World 3, it was one of two the other being Columbia. It marks the first attempt at establishing a "nation" clan by RoA. It lasted around a little under a month.

Layout Edit

The town featured a L shape main road with the Capitol building, post office and bank on one side, with the residential area on the other side. It had a central fountain as well; for decoration. The city was situated on a plains biome, not much exploration was done outside the city itself so not much else is known about the world. Very few pictures survived of the town, only a few were captured in a griefing.

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The Griefing of Sorento Edit

Around a week after creation, the city had a massive greifing, which destroyed much of the post office, bank and fountain. Sirrockqo's house was also a little damaged and a mysterious sign was left behind. It was at this point, the decision was made to establish a new capital city.

Legacy Edit

This city is important to Atlas's past because of the fact that it marked the birth of the Republic. After this map, the clan went under the "Republic of Atlas" and government roles were established.

The Spleef Arena in Alto was named Sorento Arena in the city's honor.

Due to the history this city had and the effect on the clans' culture, New Sorento was named in its honor.

Trivia Edit

  • Sorento had the first griefing recorded in Atlas history.
  • This map marks the first time citizens had jobs, only two were available: 'Military' and 'Citizen'.

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