Satanism, more specifically Luciferianism, is a religion only known to be practiced by Colton on Atlas. He uses the religion as an opposing and nonconformative force against the rest of the clan and as an excuse to commit deeds of harassment and terror on other members of the group, mainly out of boredom or perhaps because of the fact that he is a sadistic asshole that gets a kick out of the misfortune of others. Many temples and shrines have been built on multiple servers in the name of Satan, usually within dark oak forests surrounded by inverted, burning netherrack crosses, though only one has been fully completed due to the large amount of work required for Colton's imagination. His practices of this religion are usually tolerated enough, though with a hint of disdain or displeasure by a handful of the other members of Atlas.

Some of the practices include: Edit

  • Implementation of Occultism or evil forces as a backstory within the worlds
  • Creation of large Temples/Shrines in the name of Satan
  • Acts of mischief. Usually mild harassment, opposition, or unfortunate events that vary in reaction between members
  • Creation of promotional videos/adventures intended to create an eerie and horrid setting within the depths of the worlds.

Though the religion may seem to be used as a force to harass members, it is mainly practiced to give the server an extra sense of interest or variety, as well as seeking to provide some extra activities or creepy adventures/backstories for the clan in the near future. The religion is also implemented to further the lengths of horror that apply to Colton's evil persona and give him a more demonic or edgy reputation within the clan.

Trivia Edit

  • Colton is not really a Satanist and doesn't believe in Luciferianism or Christianity, etc. He is simply a believer in the astral world being the afterlife due to personal experience.
  • The beginning of the Satanic worship is believed to have started around world 9

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