The Republic of Atlas is a nation based around the principles of democracy, collaboration and role-playing a modern country on the server Allimore. The Nation was created in January 2013 by redrabbit348. It is currently the 9th most viewed thread on the minecraft forums and the third oldest, currently active clan today having been around for over four years now.


The Republic of Atlas' offical thread was created on January 20th 2013,  

2013-04-14 17.31.45

which began the expansion period of the clan. The clan was founded after Red had decided to make a clan instead of just owning a PVP server. After a week or so in the first world, OffTheAir joined and showed superior social skills and was promoted to moderator, he then gained higher staff status and is still considered a founder of the clan because of the impact he has had on it. 

The clan went from many phases for a couple of month before it really gained a foothold within the clan community. Its numbers grew fast, almost uncontrollably fast. Many core members joined during this era. Estimates are around 35-40 members at the clan's height. This growth was put to a halt when The Jonpocalypse occured on April 5th 2013. Around a quarter to a half of the members left during that time, Nation clans were new to the community and many didn't quite get it yet or just didn't have the patience of restarting a world.  

The Golden Age Edit

After the incident, the core members of the clan remained and helped rebuild. This led to a period called the Golden Age. The era lasted from World 4 to World 7. It contained the most activity from the clan as well as on Allimore. Many great cities such as Burlington, Charleston and Oak Valley were constructed during this time. Unfortunately, all good things must come to and end. Activity slowly dwindled in the clan and it developed a period of inactivity. After several resets many members became semi-permanent inactive and the Golden Age became a memory.  

The Fall of the Republic, the rise of the Knights Edit

After it was clear Red was ready to leave minecraft after two long years of owning a server, he took a break following The Allimore-Mirage Cold War and the decline of the server. Red transferred ownership to Air, it then passed ownership a couple of times and finally back with Red. He stayed with the clan for a little more then a month to finally set up his departure from minecraft, leadership was transferred to Mike once and for all. Red took a large break in the summer of 2014.  

Long time member, Ment4alAsylum passed away in real life in late October of 2014 After the tragic event, the clan really pulled together and decided to get another server, just the clan, no other parties would be involved. The clan went through reforms of organization and name. The Republic was now called "The Knights of Atlas". Curtisville was founded and lasted many months until May of 2014. Unfortunately a phenomenon called festus called for a world reset and a new town was created in May of 2015. 


The Move to Agion Edit

In early September a decision was voted upon by the members to try nation-clans once more. This time on an established server called Agion. Many clans like old time ally GsE were well colonized. The city of Bedford (Agion) was founded and the clan flourished.

It is worthy to note that during this time, the Knights of Atlas was changed to just "Atlas" to reflect the clans new views on minecraft. The clan now exists purely for fun and only engages in other things if everyone wants to.

Allimore 2.0 Edit

In early August, 2016, red purchased a new server and started up Allimore 2.0. Cirrane was founded and lasted for roughly 8 months before Azov was founded for the summer. Clans like The Nation of Rodroth and The Roman Empire came to join Atlas.

Organization Edit

The Republic of Atlas was organized into different jobs that represent the players skills themselves and not any actual job that they may be paid for. Most of the players on the server fell into the "builder" job because of the broad range of titles this could also cover. 

Many citizens decided to live within the city but a large number also favor living in the wild and made their houses far outside RoA territory. However, it was required that citizens belong to at least one town due to tax reasons, when the towny plugin was used.

RoA society was divided into two parts, Government and Citizens. The Government being all the council, which includes the representatives for the citizens, the Vice President and the President. 

Currently, there are no defined jobs or roles. Red is still loosely recognized as the leader and sometimes goes by president when meeting with other clans. The council still exists, voting on new moves for the clan but there is really no more organized government as of January 2017. 

Military Edit


The Guardians of Atlas recruitment poster, credit: Ap

The military of RoA has always been small, when it existed. There was a period of time (Sorento era) when every member was either a citizen or in the military, this was when the military was at its largest. However this lead to it never actually being used at all and it was disbanded after Sorento fell. 

The military was booted back up late in the Amos era, called the "Guardians of Atlas". The Guardians are generally an eliete, small force comprised of the best PVPers within the Republic. They have only engaged in one battle, the first within the Stalwart war in which they support the Valdrec and the Bulwarks Allies in a battle. Mid-way into the battle the Guardians pulled out due to leader, hachs request. The battle ended in the defeat of Valdrecs' forces.

Government Edit

The Republics government was best described as a loose Republic governed by a council of representatives. The Council is voted upon by the members every two months and they decide on any and all important matters within the Republic. The Council must agree together to make a decision, the decision can be vetoed by the President or Vice President. 

Currently, the council is all of the members still remaining. Everyone decides on matters together. 

Founding Members Edit





Current Members (2017) Edit

2017-05-20 22.57.46

Pete, Fail, Red, Colt and Sirr circa 2017 (decolorized then recolorized)

These are the current members of Atlas.

Legacy Members (Left but are still remembered) Edit

  • Ranginggod
  • Aperture_Pro
  • Calzo_
  • jessejessy
  • ike709
  • leroygecko
  • pavame
  • doogy300
  • NoAnje
  • dragon64ixi
  • Ment4lAsylum

Trivia and Notes Edit

  • When choosing a name for the clan, many names were considered by red such as the 'Guardians', which would later go on to form the military of the clan.
  • The clans' colors are inspired from the Iowa State Cyclones' colors, Cardinal and gold, Red is a huge fan of the university.
  • The clan helped pioneer the now popular "nation" clan type in the forums.
  • RoA was one of the oldest clans on the minecraft forums and still has one of the most views of the thread.
  • The clan has had three different names The Republic of Atlas, The Knights of Atlas and finally, Atlas.

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