Redrabbit348 also known as "Red" is the founder of RoA and Allimore. He no longer officially runs RoA or Allimore, although he still does play minecraft and other games.


Presidency Edit

Red was the leader of RoA for a little longer than a year. He stepped down briefly and gave ownership to ment for around a month but took control back when ment stepped down. Red often made questionable decisions but in the end mostly benefited the clan. Red currently runs Atlas and assumes role of leader even though he is not technically the president.

Owning Allimore Edit

Allimore started when Red allowed other clans onto the RoA server. The server had multiple issues including staff, plugins and corruption. Overall the early days of the server went well but eventually it shut down in summer 2014. Red continued to run a server not under the name Allimore until 2016 when Allimore 2.0 opened.

Trivia Edit

  • Red has owned a server for over 3 years now, not continuously but intermittently.
  • Many of Red's towns and ideas come from modern ideas such as how a town should be laid out, government and naming.
  • In 2016, Red's account was stolen twice, the first time he got it back but as of now, the second hack has left him with a new account: bluebunny459. As of October, 2016, he made a new account under "redrabbit8" and is content with how it sounds. It is unknown if he will ever reclaim his old account.