The ​"Recovery Period​," or ​World 3 1/2 was essentially an unnamed, experimental area that was started after the events of the Jonpocalypse. With many members upset over losing their progress and an entire world full of memories almost over night, there was an intense eagerness to get back on the server. This coupled with the fact that many people were applying during this period of time put more pressure on Red and the staff team to construct a working town so people could start playing again.


Following the end of Columbia, Red, OllyWard (who was Admin at the time), and Air were the only ones allowed on the server in order to prepare a spawn/city for the new world. A design for the capitol that was constructed by the trio was a quartz structure that resembled that of the Parthenon. The ground under which this was made was a gigantic, grass WE landmass surrounded by ocean.

Ollyward later made a three-story quartz building in the same style somewhere in the ocean, which signaled that this would be the style of the new capital city. This, however, never pulled through, and all of the buildings made during this "private building phase" were abandoned in favor of having the whole clan together to build the cities like in the worlds prior.

One thing that did come out of this building phase, however, was a temporary village spawnpoint/capital where Adam (doogy300) built the power plant and his famous mansion that contained an array of parkour, mazes, and minigames. This became known as New Subterra.

Sirr also built his infamous cactus house just outside of the landmass where the Parthenon structure was made.


Mostly everything that was formulated during this time period was abandoned in favor of the construction of Burlington, which this world would go on to be. The Parthenon and OllyWard's building were still accessible through Wayshrines, which were teleportation devices Sirr put together at the beginning of the world.


Unnamed world

The Parthenon

Unnamed world2

OllyWard's House

Unnamed world3