Background Edit

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The banner representing The Order of The O.

Purists were Vanguards that chose to devote their life to Oism. They formed the Order of the O and used it as a governing body for their people. They possessed supernatural abilities that they gained by using special items called Relics of O.

Becoming a Purist Edit

Purists were never recruited by the Order of the O, they were all volunteers. It was considered a great feat to become a Purist because of the difficult path to achieve harmony. All Vanguards were expected to reach the second pillar of Oism but only those wishing to become Purists had to go onto the third Pillar, once that was completed they could move to an Academy and being their training.

A series of tests was needed to become a Purist, these tests were initiated at Academies. They often consisted of strength, willpower and spiritual challenges. According to ancient Purist texts, these challenges were often grueling and extremely painful.

A Purist was expected to be able to defend himself, defend his people and defend the Order of the O. Only the toughest were accepted. If an initiate was not capable of completing training, they returned to normal society, where they lived as an outcast. Many of these rejects became witches.

The Order of the O Edit

The Order of the O was the governing body of the Vanguards.They provided many services such as protection, healthcare, science and innovation and advanced construction. Governed by a council, the Order decided on issues democratically, by a vote.

There were many jobs a Purist could take up within the Order. Once they passed their training, they could chose the field they wanted to go into. Once assigned to a field, they were tasked either given a relic or tasked with finding one. Many Purists didn't even use a Relic.

It is unknown every field of the Order but we know for sure that there was a sort of military or fighting force, a medical department and a construction and engineering corps.

Relics of O Edit

Purists were able to channel energy from the Great O into items that were sometimes crafted, sometimes found. It is not known how they made these or where they found them. Currently, no relics have been found so it is unknown what they did. Although some ancient texts and pictures depict weapons that had incredible strength and attributes.

Not every Purist had a relic, some were scholars who had no need for one. Only the military or fighting force were able to use weapons because they took immense focus and skill to use. If used by an untrained Purist or Vanguard, they could be deadly to everyone around the object.

Unlocking a Relic was incredibly difficult, it is unknown how the Purists did this.

The Fall of the Order Edit

During The End War, every Purist was killed by the endermen. Although the endermen targeted all Vanguards, they hunted down Purists with more enthusiasm and accuracy. It is speculated that they could sense their energy and were drawn to it.

The Purists had the advantage of superior weapons and training but the endermen had limitless numbers, they easily over ran any Purist who fought back. Many went into hiding, taking in groups of Vanguards. Each community was eventually found and slaughtered except for one, which led to the current surviving Vanguards. We call them Villagers.

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