redrabbit348 - Owner, Former President of RoA, Current De Facto leader of Atlas and owner of Allimore 2.0

OffTheAir - Co-owner, Head Admin, Admin, Player, VP of RoA, also MVP.

Dazykirk - Admin, Player

failselective - Moderator, Monkey Slave, Player

hacher5 - Admin, Player

Aperture_Pro - Admin, Player

Pavame - Admin, Player

Marcopolo573 - Moderator, Player

MTD3454 - President of RoA, Player

Ranginggod - Co-owner, Player

Jessejessy97 - Mod, Player

algbbg - Owner, Admin, Player

Genclone - Admin, Player

Ment4lAsylum - Former President of RoA, Mod, Player

ike709 - The Slave Trader

Sirrockyqo - Player

TehAlphaGamer - Player

Colton_M - Mormon spawn

Doc_Awes - Player, hobbit

Frank4453 - Player

pete202 - Player, Locally Grown Potato

Ͻɐlzo‾ᄅᔭ - Ԁlɐʎǝɹ' Sdǝɐʞǝɹ Oɟ ⊥ɹooɟ' Hıpǝ u, Sǝǝʞ Wɐsʇǝɹ

KyhleX - Player, the unrecognized genius and master builder of outstanding classical structures, which no one gives a shit about

Goldgalore- person


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