Overview Edit

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The banner of Oism.

Osim is a religion on Allimore. Its holy city is Cirrane, with the largest place of worship being there, the Cirrane Church of Oism. The religion is an ancient Allimorian way of life and was created by the Vanguards.

History Edit

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Cirrane church of Oism.

In the time of the Vanguards, Oism was a way of life and was taught to everyone. Those closest to the great O and its teachings were called Purists and were able to gain incredible powers through the use of special artifacts called Artifacts of O. The Purists were leaders and guardians of their people and formed the order of O. A peacekeeping group dedicated to ensuring the safety of their people.

It is not sure how Oism first came into the lifestyle of the Vanguards, or even when this happened. Little remains of the species and those surviving descendants do not speak any discernible language.

Teachings Edit

Overview Edit

Oism is all about achieving harmony with the great O. This is done by accomplishing the three pillars of Oism.

  1. Inner Knowledge
  2. Observance and Acceptance
  3. Releasing the Unneeded

Inner Knowledge Edit

Pillar 1 is all about gathering thoughts, processing these thoughts and acting upon these thoughts. It is meant to be a basis to understanding harmony because without organizing thoughts, they roam freely and are distractions. Once the mind is clear and organized, Pillar 2 can be started.

Observance and Acceptance Edit

Pillar 2 builds directly off Pillar 1 by seeing the world in a different, more clear way. The actions of others and other things become more important than one's own thoughts. It is at this stage that understand of the outside world becomes clear and focused, the light of O starts to shine through.

Releasing the Unneeded Edit

Pillar 3 is the most difficult pillar to master and has only been mastered by the Purists. It is the most challenging because one must give up all possessions and feelings that are selfish or harming to others in any way. A life dedicated to helping and serving others is the only way to achieve enlightenment through harmony. After Pillar 3 is completed, harmony with O is achieved and those wishing to advance can become Purists by reading the texts of Oism.

Purists Edit

Purists were Vanguards who chose to dedicate their life to Oism and defending their people. They functioned as scientists, soldiers, hunters, community leaders, builders, healers and just about any job one chose to take upon. They used items called relics to harness incredible powers which helped with life. Not every Purist had to have a relic, some were dedicated scholars or priests of O. Those who chose to fight against creatures such as zombies or skeletons were given the most powerful relics.

A purists life consisted of serving others and the great O. As previously mentioned, one could hold many jobs. There was no strict guidance for what one could do, it was personal preference. They were very respected and loved by their fellow Vanguards.

Becoming a Purist required incredible devotion and focus. Their ranks consisted purely of volunteers, no Purists were ever recruited. It was a personal choice to dedicate your life to a cause like Oism.

All Purists were killed in the Ender War, with the last Purist giving his life to end the war. Their relics were hidden in the deepest, most well-defended fortresses around Allimore. Their legacy was largely forgotten until a recent revival of Oism among Atlas.

Relics Edit

Relics of O are items that grant their owners amazing powers and abilities. It is unknown if they were created or found by the Vanguards, none have been found currently. Some were fearsome weapons such as swords that could harness the power of lightning or push attackers back many feet. Some were tools that could heal, or grant speed. These relics varied in ability, size and strength and could only be used by the Purists. They had to be used carefully and in a particular way or they could either become too dangerous or would lose their power.

It is unknown how they functioned or what energy was used in these items but it is believed to be supernatural. The Atlas excavation team is hard at work finding these relics.

Trivia Edit

  • Oism was created by the Atlas skype chat when a member, holly wouldn't stop saying "o" when she meant "oh". Because of this, other members started spamming "o" in the chat and thus the 'meme' was born.

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