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, also known by his nickname Air, is a veteran member of the Republic of Atlas who joined on January 20th, 2013. As of 2018, he has participated in every map since its creation. Air is notable for his community involvement, past tenure as staff, and his goofy antics.

History Edit

Pre-Atlas Edit

Air purchased Minecraft in November 2012 and actively played the game for a month; getting used to the gameplay and gathering knowledge on crafting recipes and other aspects. On December 2nd, 2012, he joined the Minecraft Forums with a desire to join a multiplayer community, specifically one that housed a vanilla Minecraft server.

Joining the Republic of Atlas Edit

On January 20th 2013, Air finally found a server that peaked his interest - The Republic of Atlas. He filled out an application and was accepted by the owner, redrabbit348, shortly. Following this, he would go on to actively join the server. Air chose Miner as his job and spent the majority of his first week staying true to the job and gathering materials, as well as constructing a home on his plot.

After a couple weeks, Red approached Air about a Moderator position, which he would go on to accept. It was after this that Air would become increasingly more dedicated to helping RoA grow.

The Golden Age Edit

As months began to pass the Republic of Atlas recruited a lot more members and gained prominence in the clan community. Air became close friends with many members such as Dazykirk, Range, algbbg, Ment, Gold, Mike, Hach, Ike, failselective, Colt, Marco, Ap, Sirrockyqo, and more. He was happy with the success of the clan and continued to help it grow.

Over the course of the year the clan experienced a number of map resets, including some dramatic events such as the Jonpocalypse which drastically hurt the clan. Nonetheless, Air stuck with the clan through the thick and thin and helped rebuild.

Charleston saw the peak of activity for Air as he helped construct a variety of skyscrapers that were part of the city's skyline. He also participated in the Atlas Games and helped moderate it, and he would go on to construct an entire complex of arenas with the help of Ranginggod, algbbg, and the rest of the Atlas community, who provided building contributions.

Allimore's Later Days and Eventual Complications Edit

Atlas grew in structure as well as community during the Allimore days. However, the large exposure to the clan community also brought drama. Air, at first, enjoyed the new experience on the server, as he liked the presence of GsE and ON, who got along nicely. While other core members didn't like the departure from a single-clan, vanilla server, Allimore still flourished and was a staple in the clan's history.

In late 2013 during World 6, Air and other core members were stripped of their staff positions to make way for a new staff team. This created tension between a variety of members, but nonetheless, Air continued to play on Allimore.

As time progressed, the clan began to fall apart, with drama becoming increasingly common and a variety of active members leaving. After The Allimore-Mirage Cold War, Red departed and left ownership to Air, who didn't necessarily want that responsibility. He gave the position to Ment which eventually led back to Red.

Air was saddened with the way things were looking and made the decision to leave the clan. However, he later returned, but his experience on the server was not the same. Red took a large break in the Summer of 2014 and Mike retained ownership of the clan. Throughout Summer and early Fall algbbg gave the clan a home - a server called Andromeda. While it was a return to form for Atlas, the clan did not pull together from the events that happened and it eventually suffered with inactivity, with remaining members only communicating through Skype.

Air became inactive and got affiliated with other servers.

The Grand Return Edit

In late 2014 the unthinkable happened - the clan regrouped and Red decided to purchase a new server. Air was excited and was on board almost immediately. The new server started where the clan first began - with a vanilla server that only housed one clan. The primary town was Curtisville, an ode to the late Ment (whose real name was Curtis).

It was during this time that everyone was on good terms with one another again. Everything that happened during the Dark Days on Allimore was forgotten and apologies were exchanged. The clan had a new name - The Knight of Atlas. Air and many other core members returned and ended up creating one of the finest servers in the clan's history. Although the world was eventually killed by Festus, the incredible moments had on the reunion server inspired a second server to be created (World 10; New Sorento), as well as the return to a nation-clan server, Agion, which was positively received by everyone.

RoA eventually went under the simple name "Atlas," and created multiple servers in late 2016/early 2017 during short peaks of activity. Among these worlds were cities such as Cirrane and Azov, which were well developed but abandoned within only a couple months. In late 2017, Genclone returned and helped create Allimore Evolved, which was the first server with the inclusion of a modpack.

Present Day Edit

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 15.36.13

Air's first application, published on January 20th, 2013.

In May 2018, Allimore Casual was created, which was the first server that was primarily set in Creative Mode. Though this server was also short-lived, in August Red decided to make another public Allimore server on the Minecraft Forums, and a variety of members joined thus increasing activity.

Air is still part of the Atlas community and still actively contributes to new servers and often visits the Discord chat. As of September 2018, he is playing on the recent Allimore server, with a residence in Volair.

Trivia Edit

  • Air's first build project was a roller coaster that extended around the outskirts of Spawn City in World 1
  • Air likes building Skyscrapers and Arenas for the Atlas Community.
  • He has worn his signature symbol on every single skin during his tenure in Atlas.
  • He built a shop called the Quadruple Creeper which ran in Columbia until its destruction in the Jonpocalypse. It would later be recreated in Charleston, which it was much, much bigger and more oraganized.
  • Air was temporarily given ownership in World 2 when Red went on vacation.
  • In World 1, Air accidentally detonated a giant TNT sphere created by Range that almost devastated the entire world. Oops!
  • When Air first joined, he chose Miner as his occupation. He would go on to later choose it again after his demotion from staff.
  • He commanded the USS Walmart battleship during its battle with the USS Iowa.
  • He was a member of the Pro Atlas Klan (PAK)
  • His favorite moment on the server is the raid on the Ocean Monument and eventual construction of the Prismarine Station.
  • Favorite Map is World 1
  • He has created a variety of signature, but overall incredibly useless, items and weapons including, but not limited to: Tumbleweed (fire aspect II dead bush), The Toaster (sharpness V dropper), Knockback Stick (ranged from Knockback II-X), and Air Jordans (feather falling V iron boots with a jump effect).
  • He created an arena complex known as Battlehall 3.0 (a successor to the first Battlehall on World 1, and the one that came after it), where he enlisted the help of other clan members to build an array of arenas with different building styles and themes.
    • Following the reset of World 5 and destruction of Battlehall 3.0, Air created a Knockback Stick arena complex which included kits. The reason for changing from traditional PvP to Knockback was that it was faster to complete and just as fun!
  • Despite playing Minecraft for six years, he still is awful at building (at least in his eyes).
  • Air came up with the name for Atlas' capital city, "Volair."
Council of Air

Air during the "Council of the Airs" skit