Oak Valley was the capital city of The Republic of Atlas in World 7. It was the largest city on the server, the capital was moved later to Soto, many blocks away. The city was founded by Ment and Red and housed a large portion of the clan.

Layout Edit

The town was made on a central road, it was very lenghtwise, meaning the town didn't stretch much up or down due to the fact that it was made on a hill terrain. On the upper portion there was a neighborhood and the capitol building which was never fully constructed. Toward the end of the town featured the commercial area with a few houses, the road led to Fail's town which was less than 100 blocks away.

Residents Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Capitol building was never finished.
  • This town was unique in that it was the first to be bigger lengthwise opposed to a more square formation. The town followed a central road and never really strayed from that design.
  • Soto became Oak Valley's successor.

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