Noihara Scarlet Field was a clan on Allimore. According to their minecraftforums thread, the clan was created on August 23rd, 2013.

Not much is remembered about this clan as they kept very little records. The clan/nation settled on Allimore during World 8 and made a capital city, the name of which is forgotten.

Their minecraftforums thread is still up and is three years old.

Culture and Organization Edit

Noiahara's leader, Nordinthelich, took several design ques from ancient China and followed a more 'old style' with his builds and organizaion.

"The Noihara Scarlet Field, abbreviated as Noihara, is a group of settlers tired of the barbarism of the world, seeking to settle down and build a beautiful kingdom to stand the test of time, and make their mark upon the world."

-Thread on MCF (

Religion Edit

The clan's religion was based around polytheism, each god referred to as Youkai. The three kwown dieties are Mizuchi, Daidarabotchi and Dorobatu.

Jobs Edit

The clan had typical jobs associated with minecraft nations such as builder, miner, hunter...etc. A military force called the Shinigami was created to defend the nation while on foreign servers and lands. This military had further split ranks and divisions. Whether this system was actually used or not, its up to speculation.

The fall of Noihara Edit

Although a direct and certain date isn't agreed upon bu historians, projections place the demise and deconstruction of this ancient empire on May 31st, 2014.

Legacy Edit

Many nations do not remember Noihara, however; they were once a massive power on Allimore. Their leader hasn't been heard from in many years and no members are thought to have survived. They are now considered lost members of a lost clan in minecraft, only to be remembered in the history book of Allimore.

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