Pre-Allimore Edit

Ruudaf Uuyraem was the son of the leader of the Lithoyngaevian Khaempura, commonly known as the Lithlandian Empire. As Khaen Ruudaf Uuyraem, he assisted his father, Khaempura Athos Uuyraem du' Aiev II and represented the region of Lithos in the Grand Council. His father rule was brutal, he sought to modernize the Empire by taking away the freedoms that the common citizen held in order to create a more efficient society. Ruudaf Uuyraem was always wary of his father's rule, seeing his brutality coming from his desire to prove himself as a strong leader. Ehhhhhhhhhh It's only 10 and I'm tired as fuck as I'll come back and finish this some other time, along with the Helvish Confederacy, also I'm sorry if you really don't want this lore shit and want to just know the direct history of my time on Allimore but eh, the more you know the better off you are.