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Founded on May 5th, 2015-New Sorento was the Knights of Atlas' captial city in world 10. It was the only city in the world and housed many of the players. Located in a Savannah biome, the city features almost all buildings made out of acacia wood and logs. It is not the largest city in recent memory but is one of the most beautiful because of the theme.

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The southern desert section of the city

The city was abandoned and the clan moved onto Agion in early September 2015.

Layout Edit

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Mt. Kilmar

The city mainly consisted of houses but did feature a stable, agriculture building and arena for public use. Towards the south there is a horse track built by Sirr. It was mainly divided by the desert and the Savannah, the desert split the city in half. Not many buildings were in the desert, exceptions being the meeting hall, the horse track, the arena, and Drakon's castle.

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The Agricultural north

The main district of the city was very well planned, complete with street names and complete roads. The roads were one of the first things done to the city after the site was created. There is a bridge leading to the northern agriculture center which features a few fields, and fences for animals. There is a minecart track leading to this area as well for easy transport. The city is overlooked by Mt. Kilmar, a large savannah mountain that has a staircase leading to the top. The Mountain had an excellent view of the city, Kyhles house sits at the base of the mountain.

Notable Buildings Edit

The Arena Edit

The New Sorento PVP arena was constructed by Sirr and featured redstone gates, places for spectators and matched the desert and acacia theme of the city.

The New Sorento Digging Bore Edit

This bore was essentially a giant hole about 10 blocks by 12 blocks dug all the way to bedrock. The blocks gathered were used to create the lighthouse.

The Lighthouse Edit

Constructed in July 2015, this landmark was added to help the skyline of the city, it was quite a good distance from the city; on a small peninsula.

Trivia Edit

  • The City is named after the original Sorento.
  • New Sorento was the first city to be built in a Savannah Biome.
  • The City suffers from Festus just like the world before it.
  • This was the first world in many in which only once city was constructed.

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