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This lore was created in December of 2016 to help bring realism to the world of Allimore and the game of minecraft. It was edited once again in November 2017 with the launch of Allimore: Evolved.

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In the beginning, a people called The Vanguards found a land vast and diverse with many biomes and creatures. The group called it Allimore.

Largely nomadic at first, the Vanguards began to settle down and establish towns, mines, forts, temples and many other structures of unknown use.

Vanguard culture was centered around Oism, an ancient teaching based upon innovation and harmony with nature. The people respected the land and gave back, agriculture was always done carefully and respected world. Oism was more than an ancient teaching, it also gave those closest to the great O powerful abilities, abilities unlike anything anyone had ever seen. Those who possessed these powers were called Purists.

The Purists had extraordinary abilities bestowed upon them by incredible artifacts called Relics of O. It is unknown how these items came into Allimore but they had to be unlocked by careful devotion to harmony. Not just any average person could operate an artifact, only the Purists had the ability to do such feats. Some of these artifacts gave incredible strength or speed, some were incredible weapons, some had fascinating healing powers.

The Purists were the protectors of the Vanguards and maintained peace within Allimore. They were leaders of the community and were highly respected. Oism was taught in the great academies, vast underground strongholds made out of stone. It is rumoured some of these still remain today and are one of the few places left that hold Vanguard teachings.

Life was peaceful on Allimore until one fateful day, Purists discovered an ancient teaching of O. This particular text dealt with alternate realms. The oldest and wisest Purists warned the others about these teachings but they were too late. At one of the academies a portal was constructed and a new dimension was opened.

A small group of purists traveled to this new place and found a barren wasteland. Great pillars of obsidian shot from the ground into the pitch-black sky. Tall, ghastly figures with disproportionate limbs and narrow eyes roamed the surface. The Purists attempted to make contact with one but were cut short when the creature started attacking them. They drew their artifacts but found them useless. They were drained of power, in this new realm Oism could not help them. The Purists were killed one by one on their frantic run back to the portal.

To their horror, however they realized that their portal had vanished and they had no escape. The remaining Purists were slowly killed and never heard from again. News reached the other Purists of the portal and two other academies began constructing their own portals

After some time, the other portals were finished. The Purists did not know what they would find on the other side, they were well prepared and expected a fight. After saying their goodbyes, they jumped in and were met with a strange world.

Immediately after entering the new realm the portal closed behind them, trapping them. This new party of Purists were far better equipped, they took out their artifacts. Like the last group, they found their powers useless. Trapped and confused, the Purists had no choice but to look for the lost Purists. This new world was strange and incomprehensible, filled with strange things.

Much care was taken in exploring the new world but the Purists were weary of strange creatures wandering in the distance, seemingly watching them. As their journey continued, the creatures seemed to be getting closer. After many hours the group couldn’t bear the pressure anymore and one of their number turned and faced one of their stalkers. The creature immediately killed the Purist and vanished.

As experienced fighters, the Purists drew older, primitive swords and prepared for a fight. A few even had bows. A vicious battle ensued and the Purists were relieved to find that their weapons were indeed effective on the creatures. Many Purists fell but the creatures were put down and neutrailized.

With their numbers dwindled and many more injured, some thought about giving up. The more experienced ones in the group help strong however; and kept them pushing on. Just as they were about to continue their journey, a massive shadow flew over them.

This incredible, dark, flying creature was more than intimidating. It was nothing like the Purists had ever seen before.

Before they had any time to react, the creature swept up two of the Purists and threw them high in the air, landing hard on the ground, dead on the spot. The remaining fighters took up their bows and fired back.

Although their arrows were doing damage, it wasn’t enough. Their fighting seemed in vain, Purists were dropping dead left and right as the thing swiped its claws at them. Soon only a few remained. Just when all hope seemed lost, a wounded Purist took a bow from the dead and fired, hitting a lucky shot to the beast’s eye. The creature, dazed, fell to the ground and the last of the Purists ran to attack it with their swords.

With one swift blow to the heart, the creature was dead. To the Purists’ surprise a portal opened up at the base of the dragon, with tears in their eyes, they gazed upon the portal; home was on the other side. Just as they were helping the wounded, they heard a thunderous roar and turned to the side. Another flying beast was coming over the horizon, flying straight toward them. In a panicked haste, they sprinted toward the portal and dove in.

Those at the academy were dumbfounded when they saw how little had come back. The wounded Purists tried frantically to tell them what had happened. They tried to tell them to close the portal behind them but right at that moment, a low pitched noise started coming from the portal. The room darkened and all lights were extinguished. A deathly silence fell over the academy. Slowly a purple glow emitted from the portal, and without warning, a barrage of energy poured out and was followed by the ghastly creatures they had seen in the barren world. The stunned Purists and fellow Vanguards were completely caught off guard. They stood no match for the creatures and were slaughtered. The creatures moved from room to room, showing no mercy. Their dead eyes focusing on every living thing.

Some Purists were able to stand up and use their powers but there were too many of the creatures. Within minutes, the academy had been overrun and a wave of darkness fell over Allimore. The creatures spread like a disease, consuming every other academy and all the cities across the land.

Purists and Vanguards alike went into hiding, they were no match for these creatures. Even the great power of O had never seen evil like this before. Underground communities of survivors started popping up and the society of the Vanguards entered a dark age. Life was now a game of cat and mouse, the creatures hunting them down every day and the Vanguards struggling to stay alive.

Roughly a year later the last five Purists met in secrecy and made a pact to defend the last of the artifacts. It was unknown how many remained at that time but they dedicated the last of their lives to finding them. After each one had been found, they were hidden in the most heavily guarded and secret places known to the order of Oism. Slowly, over time these Purists were found and  killed by the creatures, their secrets and teachings lost with them.

Eventually one Purist remained. Being the oldest and wisest of the order, he maintained the last sanctuary of the Vanguards. By now their numbers had grown so thin that only a handful remained. They looked to the Purist as a god and knew he was their only hope. The Vanguards were living in constant fear that one day their community would be discovered by the creatures. If they were discovered, that would mean the extinction of their species.

The Purist knew he had to do something about the creatures. He thought and meditated for days on end, searching for the wisdom of the great O. Eventually he had a vision, a vision of the other realm where the creatures had come from. It was at that moment he knew what he had to do. He gathered the Vanguards and told them he had to leave and close the portal or it would mean certain death for them all.

Although they feared for their own lives, the Vanguards knew what the Purist had to do and gathered any supplies they had left. They gave them to him and he set off for his mission.

Hours turned to days, days turned to months. The Purist never returned. Things remained the same for the Vanguards  until one day, the ground seemed to warm up and the sun shined down through the cave. An energy came over the Vanguards, they felt...happiness. An unexplained warmth filled the body of everyone. Scouts were sent to the surface and saw no creatures roaming the land. It was at this moment, the Vanguards knew the Purist had made the ultimate sacrifice so they could go on, so their species would survive.

And so the Vanguards decided to split up and start villages around the place once called Allimore. They had forgotten the teachings of the great O, the church and the order of the Purists was no more. Life returned to a much simpler state.

Everything was peaceful once again.

Aftermath Edit

Today Allimore is peaceful thanks to The Last Purist. Atlas historians continue to find ancient texts around the world, hidden in Vanguard sites. The Atlas historical society protects Vanguard settlements, temples and forts and studies them rigorously. The Oiron Library boasts the largest collection of Vanguard texts, some of them dating back to the Purist days.

Vanguards are still a mystery to the denizens of Allimore, their language unknown. Trading with them seems to be the only form of established communication. Nevertheless; they are treated with respect and care and their villages left alone.