Since the first Republic of Atlas map, there have always been an interest in constructing arenas to host PvP matches and tournaments. The majority of capital cities in the clan's lifetime have had at least had one arena within the city's general premises. The construction and use of arenas were especially popular during the hosting of the Atlas Games.

Below is a list of arenas that have been used throughout the history of the clan. The list is not complete, of course, with there being many that might have existed only to not be remembered or have never been screenshotted.

Pictured Arenas Edit

Airships Edit


These were massive structures in the sky that Red built for the first official TNT games on June 25th, 2013 on World 5. Atlas members were positioned on an opposite ship from the one Red used to fire TNT blocks. The winner was the one who survived the longest without falling or being blown up.

USS Walmart & USS Iowa Edit


These were both massive ships that were used during the first Republic of Atlas Naval Battle on June 21st, 2013. Each ship had its own crew of members, with Air leading the USS Walmart and Red leading the USS Iowa. The goal of the Naval Battle was to shoot TNT cannons until the opposing ship was unable to fire due to damage.

Charleston Arena Edit

Charleston Arena

This was a large arena in the center of Charleston just in front of Marcopolo573's full scale replica of the Millennium Falcon. It was pretty basic in terms of function; the entrance lead to a hallway with chests full of gear which connected directly to the main fighting area. During its time, it was actually rather popular.

Parkour Arena Edit


This was a large stone area consisting of a variety of parkour related obstacles including ladder walls and tall, wooden fences with wool on top. There was a large seating area surrounding it for spectators. This arena was used during the Atlas Games. It was located outside of Remington and switched from wool to purely wood in its later life.

Atlas Games Arena Edit

Atlas Games Arena

This was a large, open arena with a large, flaming pedestal in the center that could be used to the advantage of fighters. Colton, Dane, and Aperture fought here during the first Atlas Games, with Dane being deemed victorious in the end. It was used again during the second Atlas Games, with Aperture winning for FAPChewAir. The arena was located just off the highway that ran to Fail's town, Bedford.

Horse Track Edit


When the server got a Horse Stats plug-in on World 5, this became a popular spot for training horses and getting the perfect one. While it was around, there were many horse races, the most popular ones being during the Atlas Games. The horse track was a long wooden plank stretch that was located outside of Charleston on the ocean, directly in front of the Oceanside Twin Towers.

TNT Game Arena Edit

TNT Platform

Though not a permanent structure and was reconstructed multiple times whenever members wished to play the TNT Games, this was a glass platform that stood before a floating obsidian base just outside of the city of Charleston. It was used multiple times for regular matches and also for the Atlas Games until it was discontinued with the reset of World 5.

Alto Spleef Arena Edit


The Spleef Arena was Alto's biggest attraction and largest structure. It was a gigantic, rectangular arena with an ice block trim. Alto was chosen as the place to construct the arena so the ice and snow would remain intact and not melt. The spleef portion of both Atlas Games took place in this arena.

Remington Horse Track Edit


Remington had its own horse track that was used for the "Horse Agility" portion of the Atlas Games. Unlike the Charleston track, it was largely made of stone and contained a variety of obstacles that tested horse speed and jump. Aside from the track itself, it also had a small seating area, stables, and a small building in the center. It was located just outside of Remington in the jungle biome.

The Build Off Edit

Build Off

This was a series of four large, stone rooms that were separated from each other by a wall. Each room had an individual builder, and the members got to vote on the winner - the person who made the best creation in the amount of time given.

Obstacle Course Edit

Obstacle Course

This was an oval-shaped track with a seating area and watchtower. During the Atlas Games, players had to lap around the course a number of times to achieve victory. Among the obstacles created were: annoying iron doors, trenches, pistons, ladder parkour, ice, soul sand, and cacti.

The Forgotten City Edit


The "Forgotten City" was an enormous mega build that Ranginggod built as a Hunger Games arena for the server. The map itself was an abandoned city - containing skyscrapers of massive proportions, some of which could be seen collapsing onto one another. It had its own road with street lights and other features, and an array of structures all with completed interiors. There was even a giant forest area south of the city itself. Chests full of loot could be found within buildings, and players were able to traverse the majority of the map, even the very top of buildings. Unfortunately, it was lost when the map reset and didn't get as much plays as originally hoped. Nonetheless, it was an incredible build.

Knockback Village Edit


This was a griefed village on World 7 that Aperture, Genclone, and Air decided to use as a place to have a "Knockback War." It was a standard NPC village overall, but it had a strange dirt block formation on the stone tower that grew overtime due to the three trying to get at higher elevated heights. Despite how strange it looked, it served as the perfect place to knock people off. The Knockback War took place on March 29th, 2014.

New Sorento Arena Edit

2015-08-10 00.08.09

The arena was circular and smaller than the average RoA arena. It was located in the more open part of town in front of Drakon_Eques' gigantic castle. It was built using acacia wood and logs; following the theme of the rest of the town.


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