Kova City was a town that existed in Spring 2014. It was lead by redrabbit348 and Pete202. It was a large agricultural town and was the horse capitol of the world at the time.

Layout Edit

The town had roads leading to Oak Valley and the ocean. It featured a commercial square with a few shops and a farm owned by pete.

On the southern part of town sat the Atlas Stables, a large hexagon-like stable center. It was the largest on the server and housed many great horses. There was also a horse shop there with a steady supply of horses on the fields nearby (which lead to the creation of the town).

The town had such monuments as the Atlas Statue which feature newly installed Colored Glass and the Kova City tower, which was the tallest structure in the City and in the state of Kova.

Known Residents Edit

redrabbit348- Mayor

pete202- Assistant Mayor

TehAlphaGamer - Citizen

Trivia Edit

  • The town was the capital of the state of Kova.
  • Kova City was founded on an existing NPC Village which helped provide many of the buildings.
  • It was known as the "Gateway town" because every road in RoA territory passed through Kova City.

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