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Hach at "Hach Town" at the World 6 Hub

Overview Edit

hacher5 joined Atlas in February of 2013. His first official world was World 2, but he had only played for a few hours before the server was reset. His first official house was built in Sorento; he owned a club that he never used/had badass parties in. He also founded New Zonan, a city in the Charleston Era that was, once again, never used as it was thousands of blocks away from the main city. He served as one of the head admins of the server until the staff was purged by over lord Redrabbit.

Sorento Edit

hach built a club in Sorento the connected to his official house. He never held a party and the club was a huge failure. At the same time, he held a farm in a valley thousands of blocks away from Sorento.

Charleston Edit

Eventually, hach became an admin of for the Charleston server. He erected a skyscraper/house off the coast of the city, with Air as his neighbor. Antics ensued, and houses were bombed...

New Zonan was founded at the same time as Charleston, but the trail was godly awful for anyone to get there. The town faded into obscurity until hach decided to reconstruct the town into a hunger games map(similar to Range's city). The server was reset until he could finish the project.

hachnNoble was also made at the time. It became tradition for hach to build one hachnNoble in every capitol city.

After Charleston Edit

Everything beyond Charleston-like New Zonan- faded into obscurity to hach. He continued his attempts to play the game and participate in the clan, but much of it is a haze to him. He did found the Pro Atlas Klan(PAK), and eventually got the majority of the clan to join the covert group.

Personality/Contributions Edit

hach provided one of the biggest pressures for the clan to integrate RP. He did this via providing a draft for a government, to which he named "The Council". While he did support the integration of additional clans onto the server(The founding of Allimore), he eventually became a staunch opponent to this practice. This led him to found PAK, and hate just about every other clan on the servers.

His anti-foreigner policy complimented his violent/jingoist policies. hach often called for Atlas to build an army/barracks/walls/anything war related. He often provided server ideas that implemented purging, bloodshed, griefing, violence, etc. On a few occassions, hach called for Atlas to go to war with its neighbors.

Because of these violent tendencies, hach was often power-abusive as an admin. He is the primary suspect for the number of cases of the server crashing, the capitol being bombed, Air's house being bombed/threatened(which can't be proven), other houses being bombed, and players being killed by an invisible person.

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