Minecraft, as you know is littered with griefers, bullies, and trolls, we have had our share of them as well. Here are some of them with actual documentation.

Crash Inc GriefingEdit


Simon and Ike at work


Focused on Simon


Ditto, with less text

Simon and Ike, griefing the Crash Inc building still under construction. This would not be their last time on the server.

The Courthouse GriefingEdit

During the Sorento map, the courthouse as well as the post office were badly griefed, one of the worst in RoA history. Below are pictures from the crime scene.


Courthouse, interior filled with cobblestone.


Ontop of Cityhall


Outside of Courthouse

The JonpocalypseEdit

Nickname for a massive griefing by a mentally unstable admin

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