Goldgalore is a player who first joined Atlas back in world 1. He has a history of poorly made house and making people mad, having been banned from the server and clan from worlds 5-11. However, he is now back and currently not making people mad, so it is expected he will be around for a while.
2017-06-13 20.44.38
The symbol he wears on his skin was inspired by OffTheAir, and is used as a tribute to him. His skin is also supposed to be a look alike of himself in real life. Gold, while not being the founder of fortressville of world 1, became its proprietor and renamed the town Goldville. The city featured its own PvP team, the Goldville Gods. Needless to say, they were not gods at PvP.
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Gold also served as acting general during world 5, before his banning from the world after a trial. In this way, he was Jon's predecessor. It can also be determined that his banning began the "curse" of the general position.

Gold and Red actually will be attending the same university in the fall of 2017, that of Iowa State. Coincidentally, their shortened names (Red, Gold) are the school colors of Iowa State.