History Edit

Pre-Atlas: Edit


Genclone (Now known as "TodAtsu") first entered the Clan world after joining Spencier in the Grand Spencoiran Empire (or GsE). There he hoped to meet new people and form friendships as well service the clan with his limited building abilities. Genclone's first forays into Allimore saw shifts in his allegiance as a member of a rival splinter clan known as the Republic of Falador (RoF) had convinced him to leave GsE for RoF by lying and deceiving him. Genclone was however persuaded by the Server's owner to remain loyal to GsE though by this time he had already settled a colony nearby to the RoF capital called 'Avalon'. Avalon's proximity would spark tensions between GsE and RoF that would later lead to "open war" this did not last long as RoF quickly destabilized and collapsed.Over time Genclone rose to prominence within the Clan serving as the second in command under the Title, Chief Advisor. Genclone's last major contribution to GsE came when he laid out the foundation for the new GsE capital after the Allimore world was rest however after this point a rift began to grow between Genclone in the other GsE members. This Rift climaxed in a case in a short "battle" fought at Genclone's tree where GsE Members harassed Genclone and his Atlas Roommate, Jesse. After the harasment Genclone left GsE and applied to the Republic of Atlas, moving his own home to a town belonging to a friend of his, Dragonixi.

Tekkit Adventure and the Christmas Project: Edit

Not long before leaving GsE Genclone embarked on the first and largest of many Modpack Adventures that would soon come after. Genclone was among an otherwise entirely Atlas party composed of members such as, Jesse, Algbbg, Colby, and Zelec. Though the Modpack adventure was short lived it allowed Genclone to form friendships with many people outside of GsE which greatly influenced his decision to join Atlas after leaving GsE. Genclone would continue to spend time with his new atlas friends on Minigame servers and joined their group which later come to be known as Team Mobius (But defaintly not before being called the all-powerful cult of Furry lonerz, for reasons.) Not long after the completion of the first Modpack adventure Genclone set in motion a plan for what he hoped would be a large and joyous event inspired by a youtube series he saw. This event dubbed the Christmas project was set to be held in December but preparations began several months in advance after receiving the go-ahead from Redrabbit and op powers. Though the Christmas project was the primary focus of Genclone's efforts he also worked on projects including minigames which he assisted red in the creation of after persuading him to include a minigames plugin during his tenor in GsE. Among those other projects were Genclone's other private creative builds far, far away from the player inhabited regions of the Allimore world.

The Mobius Survival Pack and The End of the Christmas Project: Edit

Durring the time in which Genclone worked on the Christmas project, he also designed a new Modpack to be run on a server owned by Algbbg. The Modpack and server together would be the sequel to the original Tekkit Adventure and took place the height of Team Mobius's membership. However, as the server continued to draw from Allimore's active player pool with it's alluring modded content the staff of Allimore became concerned and strife broke out between Team Mobius and the Allimore staff. Leaks from both the Mobius chat and an unaffiliated Atlas group containing many of the offended Allimore staff members added fuel to what quickly became a flame war between the two sides. Shortly after the apex of the flame war, Genclone issued a formal apology on the Allimore forums and the scars of the conflict began to heal. The Mobius Server was later taken down and Genclone resumed work on the Christmas project which eventually took place in December as planned though the results were far, far from what was originally intended. Thus Christmas project ended in relative failure succeeding only in producing several new seasonal themed minigames which relatively enjoyable for the time.

The New staff team: Edit

After learning Redrabbit formalized a radicole new decision to completely remove the old staff team and elect a new president for Atlas Genclone quickly applied for the position Administrator on the Allimore forums having longed desired to serve on the Allimore staff team himself. Genclone got the position and became part of the new staff team which also included his close friend algbbg, also an administrator on the new team. Also on the team was a moderator from GsE who had previously harassed Genclone in the event that led to his resignation from GsE. Genclone would later enter into a series of disagreements with this moderator and his own friend Algbbg, sowing discord even in the new staff team. These disagreements would severely weaken the Staff teams's ability to resolve issues like the server economy and also greatly impeded the implementation of new content. In spite of it's inefficiencies, many changes both good and bad were still implemented over time. Genclone continued to put his skills to use managing the technical back end of the server alongside algbbg, installing and configuring plugins. Genclone personally oversaw the creation of new mInigames and the undertaking of large ambitious projects like the new server spawn which served as a central Nexus for transportation between the many clans and a home for the many Minigames. Inspite of what good the new staff team had managed, it, and it's member,s possessed many terrible flaws and misunderstandings that would ultimately lead to countless changes that gravely upset the Allimore population and hurt the server overall.

Genclone's Folly Edit

Having created yet another Modpack server which was now drawing Genclone interest again in full keeping him from Allimore, though all Modpack disputes had seemingly long since been resolved, now Genclone faced an internal strife of his own. For some time now Genclone had been learning of potenial corruption withint he clans of Allimore, a corruption he and the new Staff team had fed, informaiton all of which he had attained from his friend Valdrec which had been presurred into banning by the Clan leaders for causing political strife on the server. Addionally Genclone felt in his tennor has Adminstator he had hurt server far more than he ever helped and now with the Modpack server distracting him he wasn't even furfilling he most basic of duties on the server. All of these factors combined led to Genclone ultimately confronting Red to discuss retiring from the role of Admisntrator to revlieve himself from the stress he had afflicted upon himself and remove his affilatioan with Allimore for the percieved corruption he claimed the server was breeding within itself. This discussion became a heated argument and Genclone left the server after his operator permissions removed, now angry with Red for a perceived lack of tact in dealing with the matter was so close to his heart. But now agitated Genclone sought solace in conversing with Valdrec once more and anger he set about personally amending the "wrong's" committed by himself and the new staff team. Genclone utilized the console to unbanned and whitelist many members in affiliation with Valdrec who had been banned for what he deemed to be political reasons and thus unjustly. These unbanned members came on Allimore in an episode that resulted in some panic but basically boiled down to running around a clan city. Though little if any destruction actually took place in the event (a fact ensured upon by Algbbg (Who was in fact present and part of the conversation that led to the event and remained a member throughout the episode), Genclone, and Valdrec (Who really just used the time to bother the clan leaders and members with his personal ideologies)) major uproar ensued and the offending members including Genclone but excluucding Algbbg, were banned from Allimore. After a short and quickly resolved argument on the Atlas forum post Genclone retreated in isolation to grieve for his largest mistake in his history with Allimore.

Andromeda: Edit

After returning from his isolation, Genclone learned from his friend Algbbg that Red had left Allimore the server was now in Alg's own hands who was now debating what to do with it. Together Genclone and Algbbg rebooted Allimore under the guise of Andromeda as Genclone once again donned the title of Administrator... to basically make all of the same mistakes over again. Genclone built new a, much more compact spawn for Andromeda and again installed and configured all the plugins utilized by the server with his FTP client continuing his role managing the Technical back end of the server. Since many of the old staff members were no longer available or wished to take on the role one more Andromeda was staffed exclusively with the members of Team Mobius who set about the tremendous task of restoring life to an already dying server. In spite of the team's best efforts they again repeated the mistakes of the past falling into the same pitfalls and traps. The server died off within a month of it's beginning and for all the team's work in went down in history as perhaps the least successful Allimore reboot of the server's entire history.

New Allimore: Edit

When Genclone heard that Red had returned and was once again running a new Allimore he was quick to make ammends with his old friend having learned so much now in his time of isolation after the fall of Andromeda. Again he returned to Atlas to play on Red's New Allimore, a 1.8 minecraft server that due to the fall of craftbukkit and Red's reluctance to use Spiggot, lacked all plugins. But what many servers would have seen has a weakness became New Allimore's strength, having the taint of an overbearing number of plugins, political strife, and far too many over complicated government constructs removed, the server was a refreshing breath of fresh air for the Allimore legacy. But Genclone's time on the Allimore would not last, Team Mobius has long since fractured after the fall of Andromeda with the Death of one it's core members, Ment. Of the Team Mobius Members, only Genclone and Jesse returned but Jesee's time on the server was limited and soon she departed from it. Though Mobius had been on the decline for sometime New Allimore was the last time any two Mobius members were on the same server together and the last time any former Mobius members had much of any contact with each other. Without his friends who had been there with him for much of his History with Allimore Genclone's last ties to Allimore began to wither and he fell into inactivity in both the server and the Clan. Genclone's last great building project left standing alone on it's own solitary island overlooking Curtisville. The ever incomplete Castle Greenguard stood as more of eyesore to the rest of the town (But really did you ever expect Genclone to finish anything that big I mean come on?) Though Genclone made several attempts to become active again in the clan when the server was rebooted but again and again they all ended in failure and a "Be Back Later". Genclone now spend his time with a Furry group known as the Salsas but still remebers his time with Mobius and grieve's it loss.

Genclone's Legacy Edit

Good or bad Genclone was a force of tremendous change within Allimore and Atlas, shaping a great deal of the Server and the Clan's history for better or for worse. In his time with the Server he served as Member, Administrator, Head Administrator, Vice President, and ultimately Member again. Genclone left of trail of complete and incomplete build projects, half coded plugins, a series of failed mega projects to revitalise Allimore, a long list of Minigames, a whole myriad of Modpack Adventures, and at least a few dozen big and small clan and server changes from plugins, to economy to government structure.

Genclone's Towns:

Avalon, Fox Burrow, New Avalon

Genclone's Residances:

Avalon, A Modern Mansion in a GsE city, Literally a freaking giant Tree in the middle of the GsE Capital, a Log Cabin in Dragonixi's Town, A giant ungerground complex in Fux Burrow, too many small houses and Burrows in Red's towns to name, and Atsu Estate/Castle Greenguard in Curtisville.

Trivia: Edit

  • Genclone was notorious but undertaking massive projects that he never finished, be it massive builds, to huge minigames. Most notable among these were his many failed attempts at making a town.
  • At one point Genclone considered building houses for in-game currency on Allimore and created residences for RedRabbit, Algbbg, and Spencier.
  • Genclone stored schematic files for almost all of his builds which he used to preserve them should he ever need them again or desire to re-construct historic buildings.
  • Genclone kept a creative world where he pre-designed all his structures before building them Allimore.
  • Because he could schematic structures Genclone built the same design for a house multiple times across numerous Allimore worlds.
  • Genclone once had a giant underground lab where he tested out things he was working on and created new content for the server. It worked primarily off of Redstone and Command Blocks.
  • The First minigame Genclone and Red ever made together was a Trenches game that used guns and potions. It was also one of the most succesufl minigames and was re-created several times in later Allimore versions and expanded upon with multiple classes.
  • Genclone once beat Red's near darn impossible Lab Escape parkour Minigame with Jesse. (#HumbleBrag)
  • Genclone really likes adding pointless Trivia Bullets but should really stop here.

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