"Festus" is a phenomena that was occurred on World 9 and is present in World 10 as well. The map destroys itself by "eating" random blocks and chunks in the explored parts of the map,other thing caused by "Festus" is the randomly placed of blocks in the surface of the ocean and random holes in the map.

This is largely evident by the "stone ocean" or the ocean south of Curtisville where hundreds of stone blocks are randomly placed in any location in the ocean

Victims by Festus Edit

- failselective - 03/05/2015

Notes Edit

- The name "Festus" was created by Sirrockyqo

- Festus is probably an SCP that has not been cataloged yet.

-The list of victims by Festus is actualized every time a player die by the shenanigans of Festus.

- World 9 had to be abandoned due to Festus but to the horror of everyone festus is present in the new World 10 as well.

- Genclone and Algbbg once agreed to combat "Festus" by implementing the ever unpopular world border to stop the chunk swaping. The World border was later removed by public demand.