Faycrest was a small town constructed in the Spring of 2014 by M3nt4lAsylum (aka Ment). It was located a couple hundred blocks from the Atlas capital city, Soto, and could be found through a pathway that connected both locations.

2014-05-25 18.43.41

The town was under development for a large majority of World 8, and would become further inactive when Ment left the clan on May 24th. Despite this, members continued to make small contributions to add to the city. Faycrest was left abandoned, along with Soto, when World 8 was reset.

Layout Edit

Faycrest consisted of a winding stone brick road which both outlined the plots for structures and led to a variety of resourceful locations such as a beach, farm, harbor, and the city of Soto. It was built on a relatively flat and peaceful plains biome.

The town had a total of four residential houses, a town hall, and its very own skyscraper. Aside from those, it also had a variety of small shop spaces.

Notable Buildings Edit

Ment's House Edit

Ment lived in a small, but relatively tall wooden house that was very detailed. For a long time, it was the only completed structure in town until more people settled in. It consisted of two floors and an attic and had a very modern and beautiful interior space. It is notable for being a refuge to Zombie attacks as Faycrest was a hot spot for mobs.

Town Hall Edit

Faycrest's town hall was a large, brick/wood building. It was completed in the later days of the town's existence, but it is unknown if any pictures exist of it.

The Asylum Edit

The Asylum was a stone brick spire with a rotating purple stained glass design. It was the tallest structure in World 8, even succeeding the Soto Lighthouse.

The tower was made by OffTheAir in memory of Ment and TehAlphaGamer (aka Noah), who both left the clan on May 24th and May 25th respectively.

Residents Edit

  • MentalAsylum
  • Failselective
  • EmeraldPeanut (?)
  • Possibly one more member

Legacy Edit

Though nobody knew it at the time, this would be one of Ment's last contributions as a member of Atlas (though he would continue to build on the Andromeda server) before his passing.

Curtisville was later constructed in honor of his memory.

We miss you, Ment.

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