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Fort Kachirho.

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The only true building constructed by Halensburg.

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Entrance to Fort Kachirho, all made by DoH.

The Duchy of Halnesburg was the second nation to be accepted onto Allimore, they are no long on the server because of disagreements with the staff. Halensburg didn't last longer than a month and didn't have more than 15 members at its peak. 

History on AllimoreEdit

The Duchy of Halensburg was invited in late November and lasted for around two weeks before their leader, Chysostom or Roman decided to disband the clan and leave allimore. Halsnburg constructed a fortress-like city with massive walls but no real buildings within. They had a constant 3 members online and most dissapeared or joined other clans. Halensburg never started any other cities or structures besides their own city. After the members left, the city was turned into Fort Kachirho, a military base for The Republic of Atlas.


Halensburg had a culture heavily based on Medieval Europe, structure wise and organization such as ranks. The nation was based around the 'manor system' which incorporated lords with their own house and land. The idea never went full circle because of the quick dissapation of the nation on Allimore and all of Minecraft. The Duchy had milita as well as citizens but no organized regular military, there weren't many rules or laws and they weren't well enforced at all.

Known MembersEdit

Chysostom- Leader



MrCronkPlays (banned)


phantom218 (banned)


The Duchy of Halensburg will always be remembered in Allimore history as the second nation invited and accepted into Allimore, it was also serve as an example of how not to lead a clan. The nation also left behind a decent fort that has been turned into the RoA military HQ.