Doc_Awes joined RoA June 1st, 2013. He has been a semi-active member due to Wi-Fi problems, but through his time on the server has been a miner, lumberjack, and built multiple hobbit holes that are well hated by some of the populace.

It is widely known that the most loved hobbit hole was the one in the center of town which was flooded by Sirr, then another one was built under water near the town.

Doc currently owns an above ground hobbit hole on Agion, and is the leader of the Free Masons. The Free Masons are a group of people spanning multiple clans who do nothing but believe in FREEDOM and masonry, and have a HQ in Bedford built by Drakon_Eques.

Doc is also quite possibly the only one who wishes that we returned to the days of being a nation type clan, and re-formed our government.

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