Curtisville is a RoA capital city created in early December 2014. It was created after Allimore was officially shut down, making it the only town in the post-allimore era. It is named after ment (Curtis) after his passing in November.

Layout Edit

2014-12-21 16.43.38

Curtisville skyline

The city had a central park with trees, benches and colorful flowers as well as a pond. The town featured a farm district with livestock as well as many crops. There was a large bridge leading to Sirrockyqo's island house where many residents fished in their free time.

Landmarks Edit

Atlas Tower II Edit

2015-01-13 19.25.43

Yes, that is lightning striking a house.

The town featured some landmarks such as Atlas Tower II. The large clock tower-like structure served as an excellent viewpoint as well as an excellent addition to the skyline of the city

Gen's Castle Edit

Genclone's huge castle is also a prominent landmark of Curtisville, it features Gens' signature building style and architecture.

Trivia Edit

  • The town is named after Ment, Curtis is his real name. He passed away IRL in Novemeber 2014.
  • Curtisville is the first town in which all members of RoA have lived in at least once.
  • It is considered, by most members, the best RoA town
  • Sirrockyqo's House is not actually on an island

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