Columbia Sketch

A sketch of Columbia, as seen from the Capitol.

Columbia was a capital city in World 3 and successor to Sorento. With a foundation largely created by Range, it was a city that was constructed on large mountains and hilltops. Unlike most capital cities, Columbia did not have many architecturally massive buildings, and instead had more influence on the purchasing on apartments and plots of various sizes, as well as districts.

History Edit

Columbia is the only city to be deemed as a capital in a world where a capital city already existed. While Sorento had a large impact on Atlas' overall history, it was an incredibly small city with little impact and frequent griefing. Because of this, members of the clan agreed that Columbia would be constructed as the new capital city. Work was put into making it a suitable successor to Sorento.

Layout Edit

Columbia's spawn was a small, cave-like room that was elevated above the entire city. It contained an entering platform and some message boards. Upon exiting the cave, players were greeted with a perfect view of the capitol building, which was a quartz building on top of a separate hill in the distance.

Through stairway, players would enter a small park that was right below the spawn's exit. It consisted of some small, wooden chairs and a fountain made from stone slabs.

From the park, players entered the main square, which was a wooden platform that also had a cobble generator. From here, players could go:

Left to the shopping district, a large area built within the mountain that had a variety of materials for players to purchase.

And right, where they would find two pathways leading to player-run shops, and the apartments.

Basic apartments were located within a large ravine Red terraformed into the mountain. These apartments were small, wooden spaces. Although, there were a number of them that provided larger space for a more expensive price. Players could edit the interior of these apartments in any way they wished.

From the ravine, there was a large stairway leading to a separate landmass where players could purchase plots. They functioned the same as the apartments, but were not pre-built.

Subterra Edit

Subterra was a large, underground town that was accessible through Columbia. Created by Adam (doogy300), it was hidden within the Cliffside next to the capitol, and restricted access to anyone who was not invited. As time progressed though, the town opened up to a majority of Atlas members, and it became pretty popular. Many of the architecture was constructed out of stone, and the city itself was illuminated through glowstone.

Subterra also had an arena where players were able to engage in combat with one another.

Legacy Edit

Columbia was a huge success for Atlas; it established an exceptional economy and housing system. In addition, at the peak of its success there were a lot of players on the server.

The city itself was also aesthetically beautiful. The mountainous landscape was a first for any city, and the capitol building was a vast improvement over predecessors.

According to many veteran players, Columbia is among the best Atlas cities.

The Jonpocalypse and Unfortunate Demise Edit

On April 5th, 2013, Columbia was sadly destroyed by Jon, the clan's recently recruited General for the military. Granted with OP, Jon was able to utilize WorldEdit and TNT to decimate the entirety of the city, and ban anyone who would get in his way.

While he was successfully banned by Range, the damage was largely irreversible, and no back-up was available. In memory of the city, members who decided to stay after its destruction were given Creative Mode to play around for a bit.

The destruction of Columbia had a heavy burden on Red, but encouragement from members would later result in the construction of the city's successor, Burlington.