Colton's Forest of Satan was originally a small, dense forest that was used as a creepy 

2015-01-19 21.28.09

A demonstration of the mysterious shrine

landmark to ward off players from Colton's territory. The forest was first founded on the map of Andromeda, which was during the time when Algbbg owned the clan server for a period of time. The territory was marked with burning nether rack crosses that encircled the forest and contained redstone "blood" trails which led to a shrine somewhere near the middle of the forest which was surrounded by 4 weirdly shaped arcs. This forest was known to be the location of Colton's underground den, which was well-hidden to prevent players from knowing about his exact whereabouts, and remained that way for the duration of the map. Anyone who entered was greeted by mysteriously placed signs telling them to leave as an attempt to ward them off. One victim was harassed by a "floating particle trail" which left a pentagram in the middle of their village as a warning and continued to pester them until Colton decided he had enough fun. Due to an unfortunate sudden map restart, the evil underground projects that Colton was planning to make inside of his den were never completed, and he didn't return to the server for sometime due to his temporary lack of interest in Minecraft. Now that he's returned, he plans on rebuilding it and making it more of what it should have been before, however, it was last known to still be under construction and though the exact plans are unknown, there may be a story to it for those that find it's whereabouts in the near future.


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