Colton, or Colton_M is a player on Allimore and member of Atlas. He is one of the oldest players on the server and continues to be active as of late 2016.

Backstory Edit

Colton is a smelly meth head drunk in the Allimore world who joined on July 4, 2013. When he first joined, he made a shitty welfare shack out of cobblestone and built a secret fun dungeon in the basement where he could do more than wank it with the help of countless children. Colton is a veteran of the Space Robot War of 1867 and slayed thousands of robots with merely a bipod knife and an unlimited supply of meth brownies at his disposal. Or at least he thought he did, but then he woke up in some Japanese forest surrounded by a bunch of half-eaten mushrooms. Eventually he went to rehab for his tendency to try to do all the drugs he could get his hands on at once without exploding, but then he went to rehab and learned that drugs were bad. So he went back to sticking an IV full of plasma attached to his computer screen and played Minecraft again for hours and hours and hours and then more hours and a little bit more hours and then a lot of hours and HOLY SHIT CREEPER FU-. Seconds later, Colton respawned and continued to harass the Allimore server because no one loved him. He liked to run around with invisibility potions, slamming people's doors shut and opening them repeatedly until the victims finally got pissed and tried to chase the skidmarks he left on the floor as courtesy. After a while of endlessly working on MCMMO skills which he repeatedly lost time and time again, he came across the only minecrafter he ever hated during his time in Allimore: Lionstinger69. Lionstinger was a major faggot noob who liked to break people's glass because he was mentally retarded and didn't understand the concept of locked doors. After having to replace endless amounts of glass, Colton decided that he "Had enough of this bitch-ass nigga's griefin-ass, young age havin-ass, not knowin how to play Minecraft-ass, glass breakin-ass's shit" and killed him repeatedly until the "Lionbitch Mcfuckfart" was finally banned. Then one time during 2014 he made a forest dedicated to Satan in which he filled with burning nether rack crosses and redstone blood with a shrine in the middle. He literally scared the SHIT out of people who trespassed by leaving signs near them, telling them to leave. All of this was fun until some assholes decided restarting the server would ruin Colton's efforts of taking over the server with a pig zombie army and bring the server back to peace, but then he just replaced everyone's furnaces, crafting tables, (and some chests) on their ceilings and left signs containing racial slurs directed at Sirr's smelly animals. Since then, Colton has been sent to a purgatory full of mormons and will continue to live there until he learns the true meaning of sharing. And is known as an evil minecraft Walrider that haunts the server today and feasts on the blood from the nipples of players' animals and performs several acts of mischief until he gets 5000 bologna dollars and a get out of jail card so he can escape his war crimes in various countries.

Recent Activity (As of 2016) Edit

Colton is still the same as ever. Maybe a little more serious when the need arises but continues to shitpost and devote his time in Minecraft constructing temples and shrines dedicated to the almighty Satan. He also continues to perform several acts of mischief such as the Allimore Bridge Protest and Button Plague, and several smaller acts to remind the community of his evil influence. One who dares to tread within his plot enough will find themselves either burning to death or within a small tear between dimensions. A small warp into Colton's imagination, more specifically a project of pure evil and damnation that is currently being designed for the public as an attempt to lure and possess followers and convert them to Satan's prodigies. Many acts of evil and entertainment will be committed within this temple, such as the revival of the Great Microwave used for the killing of animals by means of yeah, you guessed it.. MICROWAVING! Another idea is to implement an arena, in which players or demonic entities can fight one another within a lava and fire induced wonderland, ALL WITHIN OUR VERY TOWN. Life in Allimore is about to change.

Trivia Edit

  • Colton started out with Colton_M as his name and later changed it to ColtonAmour because he is fruity.
  • He seems to have a strange obsession with Satan and the Devil, often creating shrines or making his house honor Satan. In almost every world Atlas has inhabited, Colton has made some sort of satanic device/structure.
  • Sirrockyqo and Colton may be brothers, Siamese twins or even the same person based upon how similiar they act. Although Sirrockyqo isn't as satanic, he shares his love for random things and nonsensical dialog.

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