Overview Edit

2017-03-03 15.02.34
2016-10-05 13.03.57

Early Cirrane, taken Oct 7th, 2016.

Cirrane was founded on August 8th, 2016 and was the first

city on Allimore 2.0. It was located in a frozen plains biome and was the first Atlas capital city to be located in such. The city and map was abandoned on April 23rd, 2017.

Layout Edit

The town featured a central park dedicated to Ment4lAsylum or Curtis who passed away in real life back in 2014. The park had a large bonfire and lights surrounding it. On either side of the park stood the community building and stables. Houses flanked the other sides.

The roads were the first in Atlas history to feature a 5-block wide system. Three wide of andestite were surrounded by stonebricks, giving the town a much more professional look. The street lamp design was also unique for this Atlas

town, featuring only three fences apposed to the normal, eight fence tall design. The lamps were also placed oddly, in the middle of the street so snow didn't constantly cover the walking areas.

In February 2017, Curtis park was replaced with a council building, following the reinstatement of the Atlas council.

Farm Town Edit

An agricultural district existed to the south of the town, consisting of the food supply greenhouses and animals fields. Chicken coops held chickens and supply the eggs. Massive fields for grazing were surrounded by fences to keep the sheep and cows in. Although not a real 'town' it was separate from the rest of Cirrane.

Notable Events Edit

2016-12-24 22.19.42

Red, Sirr, Colt, Gen and Fail

Christmas Party 2016 Edit

On december 24th, Christmas Eve-2016, four Atlas members (Sirrockyqo, ColtonAmour, redrabbit348, Failselective and Genclone (now ToddAtsu) got together for a Christmas party. This party was to be a get-together and remember the good times. The party kicked off with a snowball fight in central part (which had been decorated for Christmas).Next, everyone went to the tavern and got very drunk, failselective got so drunk he passed out. After that, a game of kockback was greated by Genclone and the players fought for control of the central tree.

Notable Buildings Edit

2016-10-24 09.16.00

Sirr's Tower, take Oct. 24th 2016.

Spruce Main Edit

2016-10-19 16.57.50

Spruce Main, taken on October 19th, 2016.

The community building in Cirrane was named "Spruce Main" due to its construction of mostly spruce wood.

Previously, community buildings had just been called "community building" however the trend was broken in Cirrane. The building features storage, a central place to meet and an enchantment table. It's construction was meant to be elegant with heavy use of wood, a block readily available in Cirrane.

Sirr's Tower Edit

One of the first structures built in Cirrane, Sirrockyqo's tower is the tallest structure in Cirrane and can be seen for miles. It is a large tower made out of andestite and stone with fires illuminating it.

The Temple of the Golden O Edit

2016-11-09 14.08.22

Temple of the Golden O, taken November 9th 2016

Painstakingly built by KyhleX's hands, the temple of the golden O overlooks Cirrane on a hill to the north east of the city. It is massive and dwarfs the town. Standing at the highest point anywhere near the city, it offers a great view of

the surrounding land.

Kyhle says he built it as a home and to honor the last emperor of China, who he greatly admires.

2017-01-26 10.40.39

Red Manor

Red Manor Edit

His first mansion, Red created this structure in late January

because his house was far too small and, being the richest and most important person on the server needed a better house. Construction took a full day and the interior was pretty rushed and not as good as the outside.

It features three stories and an unfinished basement and is designed in second empire or Victorian style.

Located on the eastern part of the city, it is the only building across the river in Cirrane.

The Temple of Satan Edit

Originally this project wasn't known to any Allimore member

2016-11-16 03.30.58

The main room of the Dark Walrider

other than the creator, himself: Colton. It was intended to be a secret project until near its completion but the interuption of curious members and accidental encounters to the project led to it being publicly known. This temple is the very first of Colton's satanic projects to be fully completed. Features include:

  • A massive farm of wheat, coacoa beans, netherwart, giant mushrooms/trees, and netherwart.
  • The Great Microwave, a devious creation known through some of the other Allimore worlds in which animals would be led to a stone room with a glass door, unknowingly being led to their fiery doom.
  • A Satanic throne for the Demon Spawn himself.
  • A storage room for, you guessed it, storage!
  • A living area for the Demon Spawn. It consists of a bathroom with a large toilet in which the regular mortal's way of flushing is replaced by a lava pool going down the drain, a simple kitchen (amusingly refered to as Hell's Kitchen), and a large demon skull which contains a simple couch, bed, and tv within it's unholy brain.
  • A large cathedral for worhsipping/summoning purposes.
  • A PvE/PvP arena for those who wish to fight the demons of Hell or one another.
  • A small barracks for others who wish to join and have housing within the temple.
A decent crafting room filled with furnaces, brewing stans, anvils, cauldrons, etc.
Colton's Temple of Satan01:47

Colton's Temple of Satan

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Atlas capital city to feature a snow biome, Alto holds the distinction as the first non-capital city in a snow biome.
  • Cirrane was the first city on Allimore 2.0 and started a new era of Allimore.
  • Cirrane is the first city on Allimore to feature a Church.

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