Charleston Skyline

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Ariel view of Charleston- from dynmap.


The start of Charleston.

Charleston was the Republic of Atlas's capital city on World 5. It is to this day the largest in terms of area in the clans history but did have some flaws such as lag, poor structures and planning.

History Edit

The city was created by Red when World 5 opened up, the main roads were laid out with plots. This was theme with many RoA cities, especially the early ones. The city took quite a while to populate due to a member slump during the time the world was created.

Layout Edit

The city started at the spawn point which was a small building with the rules and message board. This lead to the main street which had some shops and also led to the main residential area. There were two significant halves to the city. The upper half had lots of houses but very few shops. The lower half housed many residents but also had all the shops, government buildings and ocean.

The city had the best skyline of any of the cities as well, with 3 skyscrapers. These skyscrapers were heavily world edited though and were quite empty.

Notable Buildings Edit

The Council Building Edit

This building housed the council of the Republic with the forum room and some side rooms for the council to discuss in. It was hardly used however it was the first tall structure built in the city.

Charleston Apartment Complex

The Apartment Building Edit

This was the second skyscraper made in the city and took the entire maps length to finish the interior, it was a common recurring joke between the staff and RoA citizens. It was beautiful but very empty inside.

Atlas Tower Edit

2013-09-16 21.38.16
This tower was modeled after Principal Tower in real life Des Moines, Iowa. Built by Red in the first month of the server, it was used for business. SrSucesso and Marcopolo in the first floor had a building company, in the second floor there were also business. Atlas Tower was the tallest building in Charleston (the wooden one pictured in most screenshots) and quite possibly the tallest building in the clan's history.

The Horse Track Edit

This track was a 112 block long sprint track made for horses. Many races were held here and many people used the track to get t

heir horses speed. It was very large but also very world edited.

Hach's Tower Edit

Air + Hach House

Hach's tower was a massive tower erecting from the sea. It was home to Hach and his antics/insanity. Notable events include the destruction of his tower by OffTheAir, to which hacher5 attained his own revenge by destroying Air's house not too long after.

Charleston Arena Edit

Charleston Arena

This square-like arena hosted an array of games, especially PvP matches, during its lifetime. It was located in front of Marco's scale model of the Millennium Falcon. The arena itself consisted of a small seating area on the top floor, and a battleground full of small puddles and a peculiar stone monument.

Oceanside Twin Towers Edit

Charleston Towers

These were a pair of towers built by OffTheAir that stood at the front of Charleston overlooking the ocean. Shortly after their construction, the Horse Track was made in front of them. Both towers were exactly similar in terms of design, but differed in material in certain areas, including the spire on top. They were made solely for capturing a beautiful view of the city, but they also had residential areas, with the top floor costing the most money to rent.

2017-11-27 20.23.09

The Courthouse Edit

This was a quartz building located next to the apartment complex. It had the appearance of a typical courthouse. Most judicial relate

2017-11-27 20.28.07

d activities took place here, such as determining the fate of a member who was breaking the rules. During World 5, there were many popular trials held.

The Capitol Edit

This was a U-shaped building with a fountain at the front entrance. Occasionally, important clan meetings would be held here, but it was mainly constructed to serve as a capitol building of Atlas within the city of Charleston.

Other Useful Structures Edit

2017-11-27 20.30.03

Where the Quad Creeper once stood.

The Quad Creeper Edit

This was a tall, stone structure with a wooden roof that was in front of spawn. It also had a Redstone lamp sequence that activated during the night. This iteration of the Quad Creeper is the third; being the successor to the Burlington and Columbia locations. It was a shop that sold basic items and necessities, and occasionally rare, unobtainable things. It was ran by OffTheAir and had limited opening times. It was eventually bought and renovated into "The Iron Pick" mining store.

2017-11-27 20.34.46

Hach n' Noble Edit

This was a bookstore ran by hacher5. It was the wooden building with the giant "H" on top of the roof, directly next to Charleston's large beacon. Hach n' Noble sold books written by members of the clan, and was quite successful. It had a billboard outside that displayed quotes, sneak peaks, and even new releases. Hach had an office for the company located in Kachirho.

2017-11-27 20.23.30

The Mine Edit

The mine was among one of the first things built in the city. It was a giant cave opening with a staircase leading down.

2017-11-27 20.39.30

Dragon Statue Edit

This was a stone brick replica of a dragon that was fenced off and surrounded by lava. Realistically, it was incredibly dangerous to be in the center of the city, as it would later be infamous for members getting thrown in. Nonetheless, it was still cool.

Charleston Park & Atlas Flag Edit

2017-11-27 20.40.55

Small, tree-filled area that was located in the center of the city. It had benches and everything. The most significant structure within the park was the gigantic Atlas flag. It became a popular place for Hach to stand when he was writing books.

The Statue of Atlas Edit

2017-11-27 20.46.36

This was a colossal stone-brick statue of a man holding a giant globe. It is in reference to the Titan known as Atlas from Greek mythology, who essentially holds the entire world on his shoulders for eternity. It is a major attraction to the city and source of its culture. It was built by Redrabbit348.

Charleston Community Complex Edit

2017-11-27 20.49.30
This was a large building created by OffTheAir that offered public enchanting, access to the Nether, and repairment and other anvil accessories. Within its interior were bookshelves, a pedestal where the Nether portal sat, and a seating area with anvils lined against the back wall.

Post Office Edit

2017-11-27 20.51.41

This small building was located next to Highway I to Alto. It's function was that of a typical post office; chests labeled with the names of Republic of Atlas members were lined up in the interior, and members could send specific items to that member by placing it in their chest. It was especially useful for important clan messages or newspapers as they could just be duplicated and dumped in the mailbox of each member. In the later days of Charleston, however, the post office was shut down.

2017-11-27 20.57.31

The Farm Shop Edit

This was one of the first businesses in Charleston. Managed by Dazykirk, the store specialized in farming-related goods and was incredibly popular.

Millenium Falcon Edit

2017-11-27 20.22.20

Located in the west part of Charleston on its own site, this was an exact replica of the Millenium Falcon built by Marcopolo573. Those who ventured inside were able to access an engineering bay, quad-laser cannons, cockpit, and main hold. It is considered one of the greatest builds in the entire city and Marcopolo's magnum opus.

Pixel Art Edit

2017-11-27 21.03.58

Located in the northern part of the city was a giant pixel art of Marceine from "Adventure Time" made by Lycanc5

Notable Events Edit

  • CwlkZTM

    Charleston after a week.

    The city had an arena which various games took place, most of them Aperture_Pro would win.
  • An unofficial Star Wars RP-event took place once involving Marcopolo's Millenium Falcon, in which some people would defend it as wookies and an equal amount of people would try to capture it as stormtroopers, the exact number of players involved is unkown, but it was a greatly successful event.
  • The Goldgalore trial was a huge event, most of the server attended, a special courthouse was built just for this ocassion.
  • The first horse race of Atlas took place as soon as the horse update was out, the winner is unknown.
  • Both Atlas Games were held here.

Legacy Edit

Despite its numerous issues and flaws, Charleston is often looked at as one of the best cities The Republic of Atlas ever had. This is partly due to the fact t

hat it existed in a golden age of the clan and at the beginning of Allimore. Other clans had yet to populate the server and The Grand Spencorian Empire joined only in the final months of the world.

Trivia Edit

  • The city shares a theme with many RoA cities, built in a desert. This feature was resented by many members but it was chosed for a reason; rain lag. The server was laggy without rain but when it rained everyone felt it.
  • The city's nickname was "Lag City" because many members, including Air, couldn't even be there for more than an hour because of the intense lag.
  • Marcopolo573 created a very close to scale Millennium Falcon from Star Wars in the city.
  • The Council Building was an idea created by the ever so handsome hacher5
  • It has been speculated that part of the lag was due to a mushroom island inhabited by SrSucesso, KyhleX and Lycanc5. On this island Srsucesso and Lycanc5 started to breed mooshrooms like there was no tomorrow, the last counting was estimated to be 700 (real numbers) and the double in chickens, the plan was to see how many cows the players could fit on a fraction of the island, KyhleX just used the island as an alchemy lab and a tree farm.
  • On November 26th, 2017. the map was recovered by Red and uploaded to the current Allimore server. It is now called Allimore Throwback.